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The good and the not so good heading into Dallas

Some of the callers we get on Sports Radio 610 express their doubts about Matt Schaub's play. After Saturday's performance against the Saints, they should dry up fast. Schaub was at the top of his game and Rosenfels wasn't too shabby either. The pair went 20-24. Quarterback is the most important position on the team and the Texans have two good ones. The Texans passing game will be almost as good as anyone's in the NFL. Next topic.

If only we could say the same thing for the run. The first unit continues to struggle with the ground attack. Steve Slaton has proven he at least deserves a few carries with the prime time performers to see how he fits in. He's doing a lot of things well, most importantly running with the ball but also blocking in blitz pick up. Plus, right now he seems to be the only back that makes something out of nothing. But, we have to grade on a curve considering he's in with second and third teamers.

The first unit defense has given up three touchdowns this preseason. Jay Cutler and Drew Brees have hurt them through the air. There's no shame in giving up a drive or two, but Gary Kubiak is looking for better results overall. The pass rush hasn't generated enough heat with zero first team sacks.

Dallas will bring the star power and the drama. The Texans will find themselves as guest stars on HBO's Hard Knocks. This blog is not written by a Cowboy fan, but the show is excellent. It's an inside look at an NFL training camp. Sure it gets a little cheesy, but turn it on and you'll have a hard time reaching for the remote.

This is the last ever visit for the Texans to Texas Stadium on Friday night. The first time I saw it I was disappointed. For years, it has looked cutting edge and modern on television, but in person the building it hardly inspires. Knowing that the Cowboys' new diggs open next year, the folks in charge have not exactly poured money into keeping the old place beautiful, just barely functional.

The Texans will not meet Dallas again in the regular season until 2010 when the Cowboys visit Reliant Stadium. But it's always fun when these two get together. No matter what happens in the series Houston fans will always have the special memory of "19-10."

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