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Houston Texans

The good guys

From watching practice, it appears as though Matt Schaub has endeared himself to his teammates pretty quickly. That's on the field though, inside the locker room Schaub got a lot more popular Tuesday because he sprung for two X-BOX 360 consoles for the team lounge.

Like most NFL players, the Texans are gamers, but only the original X-BOX and PlayStation 2 resided in the team lounge until Tuesday. Players were in there after practice Tuesday enjoying Gears of War and if that wasn't enough, Schaub also treated the team to subscriptions to X-Box Live.

Two other Texans that have been in the news recently for another form of charity are Ahman Green and Jason Simmons. As most of you have heard by now, Green has agreed to put the money up for a down payment on a home for a lucky single-parent family.

In exchange for his gesture, Simmons agreed to let Green wear number 30. Anyway, the story has caught on nationally with features on "ABC World News Tonight" and "ESPN First Take" among others.

Tuesday, Green and Simmons will be talking with Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly. Their story will be the subject of Reilly's column in the June 18 issue of SI.

Those of us in the organization are pretty proud of Green and Simmons for working such a deal out. There are a lot of headaches that go along with a proposal like this one though.

There's a lot of red tape the players have to work through, but it's going to interesting to see how it all plays out. Hopefully Green and Simmons have set and example for other players across all leagues, not just the NFL for when a number conflict arises in the clubhouse.

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