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Houston Texans

The mystery of Alex Gibbs

The legend of assistant head coach Alex Gibbs is developing into mythical proportions. People know about the zone blocking scheme he is installing. They have heard that Gibbs played a huge role in drafting left tackle Duane Brown in the first round. They have caught on to the buzz about Gibbs' intensity and tough talk during practice.

But the coach hasn't said one word to the media. It's almost like he disappears once cameras and digital recorders emerge. Gibbs has told several reporters who follow the Texans closely that he will talk when he is comfortable with Houston's media. That time just hasn't come yet.

These reporters patiently are waiting because they know that Gibbs is a gridiron alchemist, who can mix together the right offensive formula for the Texans, and each wants to be the first to divulge the coach's secret ingredients for success in Houston.

That ain't happening any time soon. Gibbs is old school. In his day, players avoided the press and there was silence in the locker room. Center Chris Myers said during his three years in Denver that attitude still prevailed.

"It's pretty much an unwritten rule," Myers said. "You just have to understand that going to Denver. I think everyone knew before they get drafted to Denver – you just don't talk to the media. And guys like Tom Nalen and all the veterans that used to be there, they were the ones that started that – (Mark) Schlereth, all those guys."

So don't expect to get a peep from Gibbs until the season, but do expect immediate results because his resume is staggering.

  • Brooke Bentley
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