Thoughts after Indy

*The Dark Clouds: *

The Texans started out against the Colts about as badly as you could imagine with a sack and a fumble. They never recovered. Peyton Manning converted six 3rd downs that were six yards or longer. Joseph Addai looked like a young Egderrin James. Charles Spencer is out for the season with a leg injury. It was, in short, a football disaster. After a couple of losses this tough, I know it's hard to imagine the Texans winning any game.

The Silver Lining:

The Texans started to get the ground game going (even when the game was still on the line). Ron Dayne runs the ball downhill and Samkon Gado looks like he'll contribute. David Carr still has fumble issues, but if the protection holds up, more often than not, he'll make plays. Andre Johnson and Eric Moulds really are a great one-two punch if Carr can get them involved early.

*Tipping the Hat: *

Losing to the Colts is no fun. But you just have to marvel at the way Manning does his business. The crowd is golf-worthy when he's on offense and they rev it up to unbearable proportions when Indy is on offense. Manning is now on pace to become the NFL's all-time leading passer. This is the time of Dan Marino's career when he started to get knicked up. If Manning stays healthy, he'll cruise by 60,000 yards (but not for about 8 years).

Washington is in town this week. Gary Kubiak might have bad flashbacks from being John Elway's backup when Joe Gibbs' Redskins crushed the Broncos in Super Bowl XXII. Let's hope he gets some revenge as a head coach in this meeting.

Let's not give up on this team. The season's too young. Sure they've been overwhelmed, but the players on this team can play better. Maybe they'll start coming together Sunday. If you don't use your tickets, make sure you give them to someone who will go.


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