Thoughts from Radio Row at the Super Bowl

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez made the rounds this week knowing that if his team played better against the Colts in the AFC Championship Game, he would be in the Super Bowl. Instead, he was promoting a worthy cause (see with DeMarcus Ware. Sanchez roomed with Brian Cushing at USC and said Cushing was texting him, jokingly urging the QB to lay down against the Bengals in the regular-season finale to let the Texans into the playoffs.

Legendary defensive end Deacon Jones loves the way Mario Williams is playing, pointing out that high sack totals aren't the only measure of a valuable DE. Former Raiders cornerback Mike Haynes was with him on our show promoting prostate cancer awareness.

Haynes and Lester Hayes formed a devastating CB tandem that stopped the Washington Redskins in 1984 as Joe Theismann couldn't rally his team. It would have been fun to have Theismann on the air with Haynes, but Joe came on earlier Wednesday morning with plenty to say about Matt Schaub.

Theisman thinks Schaub is 98 percent on his way to being an elite QB. And he means Brady-Brees elite. He feels Schaub is already one of the best in the business. He wants to see Matt cut down on the big mistake, like his fourth-quarter picks against Indy and Arizona.

Chad Ochocinco made a lot of stops promoting a Madden showdown but also expressed his love for Andre Johnson on the show. Chad also said he feels the CBs he faces understand his trash talk is all in the spirit of competition and fun. He asked us to ask Dunta Robinson about it, and we will, next chance we get.

Drew Brees and Reggie Bush got the most attention during Saints' Super Bowl media day, to no one's surprise. But I really enjoyed talking with Billy Miller, who is sidelined and plans on coming back next year. It's been tough to watch his teammates get to the Super Bowl, but he keeps things in perspective. He knows he's always been a long shot coming into the league as a seventh rounder, getting cut, eventually joining the Texans as a street free agent and scoring the first TD in club history.

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