Time heals everything

After getting some time to recover from Sunday, don't we all feel better? I know I do. When I look around the league and see other teams that are struggling or even other teams doing well, but against easier schedules, I feel a bit better. We all knew the toughest game of the year was going to be at Indy, and that is behind us. But it isn't enough to have more "winable" games now. The Texans have many concerns and will have to work hard to overcome them.

It's disappointing to hear some of the fans on the talk lines give up on the season. Some people are hammering David Carr like he's personally responsible for everything from stopping the run to a declining real estate market. I realize his stats are inflated because of those late TDs at Indy, but would you rather have him throw three picks and get sacked seven times? He, along with everyone else, must step up if they are to compete on this two-game home swing.

Speaking of Carr, I found it strange that the Chronicle would glorify his little brother Derek in the Sports Section Tuesday. Sure, it's a bit of a story to have the younger bro of the pro team's QB playing high school ball in the area. But does it warrant star treatment? I have nothing against Derek. We've always joked about me doing his youth league games on the radio and stuff like that. He's a great kid. But there must be a gazillion things to give the red carpet front page treatment to in this town. Why put extra pressure on the kid and single him out over a sea of fine high school upperclassmen who deserve equal time?

On the Vince-Reggie watch, there haven't been many fireworks. Young threw his first TD pass in garbage time of a rout. Bush hasn't done much of anything on the ground, but he's making some plays receiving the ball. I have a feeling that if the Texans had taken Bush and he showed the same thin numbers carrying the ball that some of the fans would complain. Such is the life of a high-profile rookie.

0-2 teams that look worse than the Texans: Oakland, Tennessee, Green Bay
0-2 teams that are probably better: Tampa Bay, Carolina, Washington, Miami
0-2 teams that we just aren't sure about: Detroit, Kansas City

Washington and Miami are in the 'better' column because they had winning seasons last year (Washington won a playoff game), but that could change this year. Mark Brunell is not what he used to be, and Daunte Culpepper looks like the "love boat" is still on his mind.


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