Tips for Happy Traveling this season


Whether you're traveling elsewhere to visit friends and family, or coming to Houston to watch the Texans this weekend, you won't be alone on the roads or in the airports. I got a hint of what's to come this past weekend when I flew up to Ohio to be at a friend's wedding, so I thought I would pass along a bit of what I've learned.

My No.1 tip? Be organized! Speed and ease is key, especially when going through airport security. Check the Internet for the latest info. on liquids and restrictions. And wear security-friendly clothing! The people in line behind you may not exude a Christmas spirit while they wait for you to unlace your shoes, take off your belt, take all the change and keys out of your pockets, slip off your jacket, remove your watch...

Tip No.2:Be patient! The employee behind the counter has probably had a long day, too. A smile and a "Happy Holidays" are always welcome.

Tip No.3:Make sure you strike up a conversation with anyone wearing Texans gear of any sort. Obviously, they are intelligent and have great taste, so you will be able to pass the time with some entertaining conversation.

Tip No.4:No matter where you are, do not under any circumstances miss the Texans game on Sunday!! If you do, we may not let you come back to Houston.

Everyone travel safely and GO TEXANS!!



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