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Houston Texans

To all the dads out there

Hi Texans Fans!

As the season is slowly creeping up on us, I am trying my best to enjoy the free time I have for the next few weeks. As you know once July hits, the Houston Texans along with the cheerleaders embark on training camp to prepare for the upcoming season. June is a month of relaxation for me, but it also carries a stronger meaning. Not only do we celebrate Father's Day in the month of June, but it is also is the month my father was born. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of celebrating my Dad's 60th birthday! Since the majority of my family lives in Toronto, my sisters (Stefanie and Dawn) and I wanted to do something very special for my Dad and give him the celebration he deserves. My father is probably one of the most amazing people in the world. He immigrated to Toronto from a small village in Italy as a teenager, not being able to speak any English, and has since moved our family to Houston as a result of his hard work. His two sisters (my aunts) flew down from Toronto to surprise him for this special occasion. We had a wonderful dinner planned with all of his friends at a Tuscan restaurant in Rice Village and continued the festivities into the evening. It was by far a night to remember, and I know my Dad truly had a wonderful 60th birthday. To my father, and to all of the Dad's out there, I wish you a very Happy Father's Day and hope you all have an amazing June! Go Texans!

  • Sonya
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