Tough pill to swallow

The Texans have taken some tough losses before, but Sunday's overtime knock-out defeat at the hands of Vince Young was as painful as they come. This one made the Buffalo game feel like a playoff win.

On the drive to Reliant Stadium, I was feeling pretty good until I crossed South Main on Murworth and started counting Titans #10 jerseys. I stopped at about 15 by the time I got to my parking space. Needless to say, there were more overt VY supporters than I had anticipated.

Once the Texans got over a slow start including three pre-snap penalties, I felt better. Ron Dayne ran the ball well, and, although the Texans weren't getting big plays through the air, they were steady enough to build an eight-point lead in the second half. The fans were sky high.

I never feel good about a lead until I'm back in my car pulling out of the teal lot. And I knew that the Texans would have to avoid allowing Young a chance to win the game late. They actually stopped him after tying the game with Kris Brown's 46-yard field goal. David Carr responded with the field goal drive after the Titans took a 20-17 lead.

But in overtime, Young converted a 3rd and 14 at the Houston 39 with a TD run that stunned the crowd and your announcer. I've watched the replay several times. The Texans sent seven defenders after Young and he found a way to slip through the trouble and get the game winner. I'm still stunned.

The game brings up questions about the Texans' past, present and future. If painful losses are a way of paying dues, we've earned some good times in the future. Let's hope we get there soon.



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