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Turk's up at 12:30!

Don't forget: today from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., you can chat online with punter Matt Turk. He'll answer your questions, so click **here** for more info.

Defensive tackle Jeff Zgonina will take part in the **Souper Bowl of Caring** Pep Rally at West U. Elementary today at 2:00.

Congrats to Matt Schaub for **winning the Pro Bowl MVP** award last night in Miami. The NFL's 2009 Passing King tossed a pair of touchdowns and finished with a QB rating of 151.3.

The guys from SportsRadio610 am are in Miami for the Super Bowl this week, and they talked with each of the Texans' Pro Bowlers. Check out their podcasts by clicking **here**.

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