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VanderBlog Blitz

I'll be watching practice this week to see how many reps Charles Spencer gets with the first unit at left tackle. Seth Wand did not embarrass himself against the Chiefs, but Spencer showed that he could someday (soon?) be very special at the position.

Great to see Phillip Buchanon out there at practice Monday. This team needs to find out in a hurry if PB can live up to his first-round status. He had seven career TDs in returns and picks before coming here. Zero since. Buchanon's defensive backfield mate at Miami, Mike Rumpf, was traded Monday to the Redskins as Taylor Jacobs went to the 49ers. Rumpf also went in the first round in 2002. It's been a rough road for both players since.

I got back on the air Monday afternoon on SportsRadio 610 and was a little surprised at the callers' reaction to the first game. Sure, there were many positive reviews. But David Carr remains a target for some of the listeners. You would think he threw two picks and held up an "I hate Texas" sign the way some of them went on. Carr made only one bad throw and it's clear that this offense will fit his style well.

Wide receiver is solid with the top three spots. After that, I think even the coaches have no idea who will make it. It's obvious they like Derrick Lewis, even though he made a mistake on a punt return. David Anderson muffed a punt return, but he certainly has an extra gear for the game. In practice, he doesn't look that special. He's small and doesn't appear to be that fast. But he looks like one of those "when the lights come on" players.

Derrick Armstrong made a couple of grabs, yet remains near the bottom of the depth chart. He may not be a special teams virtuoso, but he always seems to make big catches. The question is whether there's room for him.

Radio Delay:Those of you in the stadium who brought your radios and went crazy because of the eight-second delay, don't give up on us. That was a mistake and won't happen again. We usually delay the signal a second or so to sync up with TV, but Saturday night's 'replay effect' was unintentional.

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