Vote for NRG Stadium as USA Today's Best Stadium food

NRG Stadium in Houston, TX.

When the marketing people told me that NRG Stadium is near or at the top of a USA Poll of stadiums with the best food, I wasn't surprised.

Anyone who claims to be a foodie already knows that Houston is one of the hottest restaurant cities in the nation.

The fact is, the Texans have been leaning into that and embracing it for years! Word got out long ago that it's good to arrive at the game hungry. If you're not part of one of the crews of an award-winning tailgate experience, then you're in for a big treat upon entry into the building where you might be tempted by anything from Killen's Barbecue to one of Chris Shepherd's creations.

Enough of this. Who's hungry? Opening day of the preseason is a few weeks away. So let's see if we can get this stadium into its deserved spot of number one!

Vote for NRG Stadium here!