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Vote for TORO as fiercest mascot

Texans mascot **TORO** is underway in the **Most Fierce NFL Mascot Competition** on

If you've ever been to a home game and seen TORO jump off the Reliant Stadium roof, you can't question his fearlessness. And if you've ever seen him drop-kick a hapless soul before kickoff, you know he's ferocious.

Here's what Ron Davis of had to say about TORO's chances in Round 1 against the Indianapolis Colts' Blue:

Bulls are feared creatures, which is why people test their courage by running with them in Pamplona, Spain.

Toro is 6-feet tall with a masters in acrobatics. He has also been known to take down opponents with either a flying kick or a solid tackle.

...On the other side, we have a baby horse, which doesn't look too scary."

The folks got serious with this competition and divided it between the AFC and NFC teams. If the top seeds in matchups not involving TORO advance in each round, TORO's path to the crown goes like this:
First round: Blue, the Colts' #11-seeded mascot
Quarterfinals: Who Dey, Bengals, #3-seed
Semifinals: Jaxson De Ville, Jaguars, #2 seed
AFC Finals: Boltman, Chargers, #1 seed

The favorite to win it all in the NFC: Roary, the Lions' fierce... lion.

Voting for the first round ends June 10. The final winner in the Super Bowl of mascots will be announced shortly after the voting ends July 10. Support TORO by **voting** now!

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