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Houston Texans

Watch Texans games online

To watch more football or to not watch more football - that is rarely the question.

But the answer? Always watch more football, and now, it has become that much more attainable.

With the NFL Game Pass, you can watch your Houston Texans anywhere anytime on virtually any connected device - phones, tablets, computers... Oh my!

Hold on, football fanatics - we are just getting to the most exciting part. What exactly are you getting access to with NFL Game Pass?

Live preseason games when they aren't being broadcasted on local TV. Live home and away radio broadcasts. Replays of all preseason and regular season games, playoffs and the Super Bowl.

And that's just scratching the surface.

Other features include condensed games, an impeccable football archive tracing back to 2009, coaches' film and so much more.

We know you're grinning, Texans fans. We are too.




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