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Week in review

The week on the radio has been a tad combative. Some of the callers are ready to write off this season, Mario Williams, David Carr and who knows what else. You must understand that people who call in to a talk show don't always represent the opinion of the general public.

Carr has been blamed for everything from the defense's problems to global warming. Mario should have had 10 sacks by now and Gary Kubiak should already be able to sell the movie rights to his story to Steven Spielberg.

The Texans quest to become a winning franchise will take time, but that's the one thing no one wants to hear. We live in an instant-results society. My personal attention span is shorter than an American Idol flame out, but I still can see that cleaning up 2-14 won't happen overnight.

On the defensive ranking (last): The Giants are second-to-last and played the same two teams as the Texans. Let's hope there's something to that.

On the running game: It may have been too much to expect Wali Lundy to come out of the gates as a gangbuster being a 6th-round draft choice. Ron Dayne and Samkon Gado have some experience in this league but...

Injuries!!!: The offensive line will have a new left tackle and possibly new center Sunday. It all starts with the O-line but it's tough to build continuity when you have to shuffle the deck.

Other teams' injuries: Can we get a break? Clinton Portis is back from a shoulder injury, but of course Jevon Kearse, who the Texans faced week one, was knocked out for the year in week two, and Dwight Freeney got hurt late in last week's game when it was out of reach. I'm not rooting for people to get hurt, but if they are going to be injured, please do it when you play the Texans.

See you at Reliant Sunday.


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