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Welcome to the NFL


It's Tuesday night as I am writing this, and I think I'm finally starting to come down from the excitement of last weekend's game! I could hardly sleep on Friday night knowing that on Saturday I would be taking the field with the Texans Cheerleaders.

I spent the morning getting my nails done, putting on my makeup base, and packing my bags, which is a much bigger job than you would think! In the biggest suitcase I own, I stuffed in my tennis shoes, shorts and t-shirt for practice, as well as my red boots, white boots, and silver boots, a sweatshirt, yoga pants (in case the locker room was cold), three pairs of pantyhose, two pairs of socks, and all the necessary undergarments.

In a carry-on bag, I put my makeup case (a big, silver box that takes up a lot of space!), along with my red poms, silver poms, white poms, and red/silver poms. Whew! But I still wasn't done. In a hanging garment bag, I put in every Texans Cheerleader outfit I have. We knew what we were planning on wearing during the game, but you never know if something might happen and we all would have to change into a new outfit. We are always prepared!

It was quite a sight to see trying to maneuver my way from the parking lot to the stadium with my two suitcases, a hanging bag, and my stars for our halftime performance, plus a Rubbermaid container full of cookies for the girls and my ever-present Diet Rockstar energy drink. When I finally made it inside, it was a whirlwind of last-minute practices, unpacking and organizing, finishing makeup (including the struggle to get just the right shade of red lipstick!), and getting our hair done.

Before I knew it, I was prepped and coifed and it was time to go onto the field!! As I was standing inside of the tunnel waiting to hear the music start, I had to stop and really enjoy the moment. The crowd was cheering, my heart was pounding, and my knees were shaking. But once we got onto the field, it was the most amazing experience of my life. I could hear the old tailgating crew chanting my name. The players were a blur as they ran past us. I tried to concentrate on Ashley standing directly across from me so I wouldn't miss the timing of our moves. Now when I look at the pictures from that day, the smile on my face couldn't be any bigger.

It was truly the most amazing moment of my life.

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