What Now? Fight! That's What

Allow me to write as the team's announcer and also a diehard fan:

This thing is not over by a long shot. I know Vince Young just ran it down our throats and there's a gloomy feeling in the air. But anyone with a backbone knows that it's a battle, not the whole war. This is one chapter of adversity in Texans history. OK, so it's not the most enjoyable chapter. But that doesn't mean it will always be this way.

There's frustration in Texans nation. I get that. But think of your own lives, families, businesses. When adversity strikes or heartbreak occurs, you fight. You come back. That's what this organization must do. If you think they are sitting there at Reliant Stadium saying, "Well, I guess we're just going to lose to Vince for 10 years..." you're mistaken.

It drives me nuts that people automatically assume that the Texans cannot or will not build a winner. Sunday was hardly a banner afternoon. But if you somehow take away the emotion of the VY factor (I know, it's only slightly less difficult than removing all the concrete from Reliant Stadium, but humor me and TRY), then you have another down-to-the-wire tough loss.

There have been four super-close losses this year and three blown-fourth quarter leads (Giants, Buffalo, Titans). Every team has their sob stories, but this team has a league-high amount of players on IR. This is a team that wasn't deep to begin with. Gary Kubiak walked into this drama midstream and made some tough decisions. Some will pan out, others will not, but he needs more than 13 games to make this work.

If the Texans somehow win two, or maybe even one, of their last three games, that last paragraph will be echoed by the Houston media once they stop hyperventilating about Sunday.


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