When Times Get Tough...The tough hit the road for a must-win game at Jacksonville

Frank Reich has been an assistant with the Colts the last two seasons which happen to include the two 17 point blown Houston leads. Also, Tony Boselli was doing national radio for the last two games at Reliant. Just Sayin'.

These are the times that try fans souls. Four weeks ago, the Texans were 5-3 with the promise of a great second-half season run on the horizon. Three losses later and Houston has dropped to the cellar of the AFC South into a tie with Tennessee. The Titans are no small part of the story. The fact that they have won five straight with Vince Young at the helm during the Texans dive has not been lost on the Houston sporting public.

Sunday was the best of times and the worst of times. The Texans had everything going for them but somewhere along the way lost their edge. Everything they tried in the second half felt like shoveling sand against a tsunami.

No matter what anyone thinks will happen following the season, we must remember there are still games to play. It's too early to write the obituary, but it's going to take a football miracle to correct the damage of the last three games. The last stand starts Sunday at Jacksonville.

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