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Where are they now?

I was cruising the message boards yesterday and someone mentioned a former Texans player and it made me wonder how many of them are currently on rosters elsewhere. Yeah, it's slow this time of year, but hey, we have a mini-camp coming up soon.

Anyway, I did a quick check of the other 31 teams' current rosters and I found quite a few familiar names. Rosters are inflated at the moment, and yes, most of our ex's are backups with other teams, but there are a few like safety Marlon McCree, defensive tackle Robaire Smith and running back Vernand Morency who are currently penciled in as starters on their respective teams' depth charts.

Keep in mind that when you review the list that it doesn't include players who are still free agents.

All our ex's still in the league:

QB Drew Henson – Vikings
WR Jabar Gaffney – Patriots
DT Robaire Smith – Browns
CB Kenny Wright – Browns
DE Antwan Peek – Browns (what is it with the Browns?)
DE Kenneth Pettway – Jaguars
OT Seth Wand – Titans
QB Preston Parsons – Broncos
S Marlon McCree – Chargers (he's having some knee issues if you haven't heard)
CB Aaron Glenn – Cowboys
CB Jason Bell – Giants
OT Todd Wade – Redskins
WR Kevin Kasper – Lions (his 8th team)
RB Vernand Morency – Packers
CB Lewis Sanders – Falcons
QB David Carr – Panthers
TE Billy Miller – Saints
LB Troy Evans – Saints
CB Phillip Buchanon – Buccaneers
DE Patrick Chuckwurah – Buccaneers
G Milford Brown – Cardinals
TE Bennie Joppru – Seahawks

That's 22 ex-Texans on other teams' rosters as of May 6, 2007. If I missed anyone – and that's likely since this was a quick effort – please e-mail me and I'll add that player to the list.

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