Winning: The Great Healer

Wow, that feels a lot better. That's the most significant win for this team in two years and a real relief to the players, coaches, administration, etc. at Reliant Park who work endless hours for the Texans organization. Hitting the bye at 0-4 would have been excruciating.

Best things about the win:

  • Mario getting a sack and a half and getting the critics off his back for at least two weeks
  • The defense coming up with five sacks and the key stop on the two-point conversion. Don't overlook holding the Dolphins to a field goal on their second-to-last drive. That was big.
  • Andre Johnson continuing to show that if he stays healthy he could be known, along with a handful of other names, as one of the greatest pro football players in the history of this city.
  • Carr leading the offense on two crucial scoring drives in the second half
  • Getting a little spring in the step of the guys as they get two weeks to prepare for Dallas

On a personal note...this was a nerve-grinding game to call. I was so hyped because I wanted the team to win so badly. I know many great people in and around the Dolphins organization and it was emotional to call a much-needed win like this.

I have a bit of history in Miami, but Andre Johnson is from there and grew up as a Dolphins fan. It was a fine moment when he said afterward to the stadium crowd that Miami is where he's from, but Houston is now his home. For all the grief Miami alums get (and some deservedly), Andre oozes dignity, integrity and sportsmanship. In a world of touchdown-celebrating wideouts, we have a gentleman who is a stone-cold playmaker on Sunday afternoons.

Now, let's get ready to rock Texas Stadium. No one thought the Texans would win Sept. 8, 2002 (I actually picked them on Fox Sports Net and took heat until having the last laugh). Here's to shocking the football world again!



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