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Get the latest behind the scenes Texans news from NRG Stadium.

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Voice of the Houston Texans Marc Vandermeer offers historical insight to all things Houston Texans


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Deepi Sidhu talks to current and former players about their lives, focusing on lifestyle, Houston and pop culture.

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John Harris and Drew Dougherty dig deep in informing and entertaining us about what's going on with the Texans.

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Head Coach Bill O'Brien sits down with Marc Vandermeer and John Harris to talk football.

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Texans players and ambassadors join the Texans Radio crew at Fuddruckers for a live radio show.

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Drew Dougherty asks special guest 12 random questions.

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Deepi Sidhu Content

Deepi Sidhu

Senior Content Producer and Lead Writer

John Harris Content

John Harris

Texans Analyst, Integrated Media Manager

Drew Dougherty Content

Drew Dougherty

Texans TV Host and Senior Integrated Media Manager

Marc Vandermeer Content

Marc Vandermeer

Vice President, Broadcasting and Play-By-Play Voice