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Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities

Texans Vision

Be Champions In Every Way By Cultivating Excellence And Fearlessly Evolving.

Texans Charge

We are uniquely Houston to our core – fiercely independent, courageous, innovative, inclusive, and committed to doing good for others. We believe in people and the personal relationships and experiences we create.

Our CHARGE is what gives us momentum in an ever-changing world. It is the strength that allows us to come together as a unified team of diverse, talented, driven, and interesting individuals. It is an acknowledgement and innate pride that comes from knowing we are each from different places with different belief systems, but we share a set of values and expectations that unite us. And it is the spirit of the bull that drives us.

Job Opportunities


Dedicated To The Team
Motivates others and brings team members together to achieve collaborative results; actively shares information and willing to listen and learn; acts in the best interests of the team and the organization

Be Adaptable
Effectively adjusts to changes in work processes and environment; alters behavior to align with evolving situations; seeks creative solutions; treats change as an opportunity for learning and growth

Passion For The Work
Believes one's work makes a real difference; aligns day-today actions to longer term goals and strategies; commits to one's goals and inspires others to achieve their goals

Win With Integrity
Acts in an honest, fair, and ethical manner; shows consistency in words and actions; follows through on promises and commitments

Own The Outcome
Demonstrates accountability; refuses to deflect issues or undesired outcomes to others; makes makes no excuses; leads with solutions

Business Operations Offices

What it means to be a Houston Texans Teammate!

Discover what is means to be a champion in every way at NRG Stadium.

Draft Class Internship Opportunities

"Draft Class" is the name of the Houston Texans internship program and is comprised of year-long and seasonal interns from the Business Operations segments of the Houston Texans and Lone Star Sports & Entertainment.

Mission & Objectives

The mission of the Houston Texans Draft Class program is to provide a structured format for providing chosen future sports professionals the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in the professional sports industry and exposure to the Houston Texans organization while also making meaningful contributions to Houston Texans business and/or football operations.

The following are objectives of the Draft Class program:

  • Provide future sports professionals with valuable experience in the professional sports industry and exposure to the Houston Texans organization.
  • Give future sports professionals the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the Houston Texans organization.
  • Contribute to the professional growth and development of future sports professionals through training and professional development.
  • Provide opportunities for building a professional network comprised of other Draft Class members and full-time Houston Texans staff members.
  • Provide the Houston Texans organization with the opportunity to identify potential candidates to fill future full-time positions.
Texans Care

Texans Care

The mission of the Houston Texans Foundation is to be Champions for Youth. Because we believe that youth are the champions of our future, we are dedicated to enhancing their quality of life. Through our fundraising efforts, we support and administer programs in education, character development, and health and fitness to empower the next generation of Texans.