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Houston Texans

12Q w/TE Pharaoh Brown | Drew's Dozen

DD: What career would you have if you were not a football player?
Brown: I went to school for advertising and did a bunch of on-camera stuff. I think I'd probably be a coach in college somewhere or on somebody's TV screen commentating.

DD: You're stranded on a desert island. You have enough water, so you'll never get thirsty. You get at least one meal per day, so you're not going to starve. What two other things are you bringing with you?
Brown: I'll have to bring my son and my wife. We would have a good, enjoyable time. Can't beat being with family.

DD: Which Texans teammate makes you laugh most?
Brown: Darren Fells. He's witty. Just like a funny old man. He's been around a long time, too.

DD: You played your college ball at Oregon. What was your favorite uniform combo?
Brown: Oregon was awesome. My favorite combo was the U-O throwbacks. The old ones that Akili Smith and those guys wore with the U-O.

DD: What are some songs you listen to before a game. You have a set list or do you mix it up?
Brown: I don't have a set list. Depending on how I wake up, I can have rap, pop, go old school. I like Ariana Grande. I like Prince. I think Darren walked in on me in the cold tub listening to Michael Jackson.

DD: You have a favorite Michael Jackson song?
Brown: I just like that whole 'Thriller' album.

DD: Let's rank the Browns: Pharaoh Brown, Charlie Brown, Jim Brown the former Cleveland Brown, Downtown Julie Brown and the Godfather of Soul, James Brown.
Brown: Who is Downtown Julie Brown?

DD: She was an MTV VJ back in the late 80s, early 90s. She was a big deal.

Brown: You definitely got to go, Jim Brown. He's a stud. I didn't realize the amount of stuff he did because I play for the Browns. Jim was just always around. One time when my uncles came, they were just starstruck. He'd definitely be number one. Gotta have James Brown next. Me at three. Charlie Brown, and then Julie Brown.

DD: If you could switch roles with any athlete right now, and you could play one game in their shoes, in their body, who would it be?
Brown: I'll have to go with Cristiano Ronaldo.

DD: What was your favorite Christmas song of all time?
Brown: Probably "This Christmas". The Chris Brown version.