2010 Draft Pass Quotes: Kareem Jackson


For the second consecutive year, HoustonTexans.com is offering fans exclusive one-on-one interviews with key figures in the Texans' NFL draft process in our "Draft Pass" series.

In the third segment, Texans first round pick Kareem Jackson talks with Drew Dougherty of Texans TV about the whirlwind start to his NFL career.

Drew Dougherty: Kareem, you've been cool, calm and collected here on the first day. Have you always been like that, or is it a recent thing?

Kareem Jackson: I think I've always been that way. Very laid back, not a guy that does a lot of talking. I'd just rather let my actions speak. That's just how I've always been since I was little.

Dougherty: Did you meet with the Texans at the combine?

Jackson: Yeah, I met with the Texans at the combine. I met with a lot of teams, so I was telling them earlier that I don't quite remember the people that were in the room. Once I heard my name called and I got the phone call from the Texans yesterday, I was very excited. But it just kind of shocked me because I hadn't heard from them since the combine. I didn't have any individual meetings with them as far as visiting the facilities or an individual workout with them, so it kind of shocked me.

Dougherty: How much did you even know about the Texans when you were growing up, and in the last year or so?

Jackson: I watched a couple games in the last couple years. I know a couple of players. I had a fellow teammate that played at Alabama with me. That's about all, though.

Dougherty: Yeah, (former Alabama teammate) Antoine Caldwell gave you a big hug this morning, and you guys got to talk. He was the first Texan that you saw. How fun was that for you?

Jackson: Oh yeah, that was very fun. To know that I have a familiar face here once I get here, they can show me around and kind of show me the ropes and stuff. So it's very fun for me.

Dougherty: Once you do hit the practice field, you've got a fantastic receiving corps that you're going to practice against, including the best guy in the league in Andre Johnson. What do you think you'll learn and improve upon by going against guys like that?

Jackson: I think I'll learn a lot. Specifically the do's and the don'ts. What to do to those type of athletes. Big, physical strong guys such as Andre Johnson. I'll learn a lot and I'm looking forward to it.

Dougherty: When you get through with this media blitz, are you going to sleep pretty hard?

Jackson: Oh yeah, definitely.

Dougherty: You guys had a huge party last night after the draft, right?

Jackson: Oh yeah, the whole family. The neighborhood. People I've never even seen were there. So it was very exciting and I enjoyed it.

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