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21 observations from Texans vs. Chiefs




That certainly wasn't the way anybody in the city of Houston expected that one to go. The 30-0 loss to the Chiefs in the Wild Card round of the playoffs will linger like a bad odor for a while, but eventually it'll subside at some point. Here's some of what I saw on Saturday.

  1. Heading into Saturday, Drew Dougherty kept telling me how electric the atmosphere would be in NRG during the game. He was so right. When people were waving the towels prior to kickoff, I was doing all I could to keep it together on the sideline. I was ready to be the extra man to run down on kickoffs.
  1. Maybe that was what was needed on that opening kickoff. I swear too that Knile Davis almost took a knee and downed it, but the Greater Houston homeboy decided he'd take a calculated risk. It paid off. He got a couple of good blocks, the wall eliminated the Texans linebacker cover guys and the rest was just a track meet that Davis wasn't going to lose.
  1. The air that went out of the balloon at that point never really went back in.
  1. I said this after game one and I'll say it again - that Chiefs team is scary athletic, long and physical. They hit as hard as any defense I saw this year. It's pretty clear how that team has won 11 in a row. What baffles me is how it lost five in a row earlier in the year. Especially with Eric Berry fully healthy at the end of the year, that defense was in a groove. Now, that doesn't excuse the Texans offense from its woeful day, but the truth is that the Chiefs defense would've stopped a lot of teams on that day.
  1. The Chiefs may not be able to win a shootout in these playoffs, especially with wide receiver Jeremy Maclin now injured, but if it's a low scoring game, they've got a chance against anyone. Especially with that D.
  1. There isn't much to say that hasn't been said about the day that Brian Hoyer had. He knows it wasn't acceptable on that stage. Coach O'Brien knows it. I hate it for him because that day is going to linger for a while.
  1. The backbreaker was the pick to Josh Mauga near the end zone. Hoyer didn't like any of the perimeter looks so he eyed Alfred Blue, circled up just beyond the goal line. Brian saw that Blue was clear of the front side linebacker but he never saw Mauga from the other side. If Mauga had not been reading Hoyer's eyes, it would've been a touchdown. But, that's wishful thinking, honestly; Mauga was doing his job and made the play that really deflated the NRG crowd.
  1. Speaking of Alfred Blue...from the Indianapolis game through yesterday, he was a different player. Here are his game splits over the four games of the year:

Indianapolis 20 for 107
Tennessee 15 for 45
*Jacksonville 21 for 102

  1. We'll talk so much draft and offseason in due time but I'd imagine that the offensive side of the ball will get some new toys. That, though, is for a later date and time.
  1. It might ring hollow in some respects but if you were at NRG Stadium, you know how cool the George Foreman video was just prior to the coin toss. When he threw the punch and glared into the camera...oh man, THAT was cool.

I wish I had more good to talk about in this one, but there really isn't much more to go on, honestly. That said, I'm proud to be able to shoot these your way each day during training camp and each weekend after the game. It really is an honor and a privilege to be part of this organization, alongside this team each and every day. There will be better days than Saturday. Thank you for all you do for me and this team. The best fans in the land.

See ya soon!

Check out the action from before the Wild Card matchup with Kansas City.

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