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90-man roster breakdown: Texans wide receivers


It was April 3rd.

I was upstairs in the Texans offices, talking to my pal Tommy in our film department. Just as I left, I saw a blur run down the hallway. As soon as I recognized it was Executive Vice President/General Manager Nick Caserio, I was like "Dang it, I could've said hello". I didn't think much of his hallway sprint until about 30 minutes later and I saw the news that the Texans had traded for former Bills Pro Bowl wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

In two seconds, I said in my head…

"Diggs…Tank…Nico…Robert Woods…Metchie III…" I literally just recited the entire new receiving corps in my head in ten seconds and smiled, then yelled out some words that I can't put in print. But, BUT, now it's time to show that ON THE FIELD is much better in reality than ON PAPER, because that's what this group is right now…really freakin' good ON PAPER.

Will this group live up to the hype? Will it be a top three unit in the NFL as many have predicted.

I'm glad we have the chance to find out very soon. So, with training camp just around the corner, let's jump into this 2024 Texans receiver corps.

Wide receivers (numerical order)

1 Stefon Diggs

10th year - 1st year in Houston

2024 FA signing

2023 stats (Bills) - 17 games, 107 receptions, 1,183 yards and 8 TD; one rush, five yards

- Four straight seasons of 100+ receptions (2020 - 2023)

- 810 career receptions, sixth on the active list

- 67 career TD, seventh on the active list

- Averaged nearly ten TD a year while in Buffalo (2020-2023)


1x 1st Team All-Pro - 2020

1x 2nd Team All-Pro - 2022

4x Pro Bowl - 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

All Rookie Team - 2015

2x AFC/NFC Offensive Player of the Week - 2016, 2020

Who saw this coming?

I certainly didn't, that's for sure. But when the news hit a couple of days after April's Fool's Day, it was not a rumor, falsehood or cap.

Stefon Diggs was, and now is, a Texan. Seeing him at OTAs/minicamp practices, it was pretty clear that he hadn't lost a step. He's quick, sudden and shifty…and crafty, and that all leads to him routinely getting a step on his defender all over the field. Diggs gives his QB a chance for a completion on all of his routes and with an incredibly accurate, pinpoint passer like C.J. Stroud that can lead to a ton of success. The most intriguing thing about this offense in 2024 is how exactly Diggs, Tank Dell and Nico Collins are deployed against defenses but that's a great thing, actually. Can't wait.

2 Robert Woods

12th year - 2nd year in Houston

2023 FA Signing

2023 Stats - 14 games, 40 receptions, 426 yards, one TD' one rush, seven yards

- Registered 40+ receptions every year of his career

- 26 of his 40 receptions in 2023 were for first downs.

- 663 total receptions, 13th on the active list

- 8544 total yards from scrimmage, 18th on the active list


1x NFC Offensive Player of the Week - 2020

Member of Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams - 2021

Although I love his nickname "Bobby Trees", my new nickname for him is "Mr. Third Down". It started in the opener against Baltimore when the Texans' offense couldn't stay on the field. Three and outs all over the place. Finally, on the third drive, Stroud found Woods for one first down. Then again. Then again. It was three straight third down completions to Woods.

It continued throughout the year as 26 of Woods' 40 receptions went for first down completions. Even in OTAs/minicamp during a third down drill, Woods caught one first down pass after another and that alone makes him a valued member of this receiver group. That's not all though as Woods is the consummate professional and will thrive in any role he's asked to play in 2024, third down or otherwise.

3 Tank Dell

2nd year in Houston

2023 3rd round selection

2023 Stats - 11 games, 47 receptions, 709 yards, seven TD; 11 rushes, 51 yards

- Averaged over 15 yards per catch

- Over last four games played, he averaged 6+ receptions for 92.3 ypg and five total TD

What a rookie campaign! What a shame it was cut short.

I went back to watch a few games last weekend and it was impressive to see Dell's confidence grow and grow from week one through his final game against Denver. He's so sudden every time he makes a cut, sprints forward with the ball in his hands or attempts to shake a defender from his shoes. When we interviewed Tank earlier this offseason, he mentioned how difficult it was to learn the Texans playbook. So if last year was Tank adjusting to this offense, imagine what Year 2 can be for Dell now that he has comfortability in this offense. When he's healthy, he might end up being the most dangerous weapon the Texans have had on offense since the blazing fast Will Fuller V routinely roasted defensive backs.

And he's just getting started. My goodness.

8 John Metchie III

3rd year in Houston

2022 2nd round selection

2023 Stats - 16 games, 16 receptions for 158 yards; one rush for four yards


Recipient of the PFWA's George Halas Award, given to the NFL player, coach or staff member who overcomes the most adversity to succeed.

In his rookie campaign in 2023, it was clear at times that Metchie was shaking off rust from being off the football field since December 2021. But this offseason it was noticeable how much more comfortable, explosive and productive Metchie was in OTAs/minicamp practices. Now, we've seen guys follow up on great offseasons with TREMENDOUS seasons (A.J. Bouye in 2016 comes to mind) and we've seen too many other guys take the other path and not capitalize on a strong spring during the regular season in the fall. My bet would be on Metchie making his mark in 2024, in a loaded receiver group.

12 Nico Collins

4th year in Houston

2021 3rd round selection

2023 Stats - 15 games, 80 receptions for 1,297 yards and eight TD; one rush for seven yards

- 8th in the league in 2023 in yardage (1,297)

- 7th in the league in 2023 in yardage per game (86.5)

- 5th in the league in 2023 in yards per catch (16.2), minimum 50 receptions

- Tied for 8th in the league in 2023 in touchdowns (8)


1x 1st Team All-AFC South - PFWA

If the first two years of Collins' career were frustrating for him due to nagging injuries and the sort, then 2023 was the complete opposite.

Collins evolved into one of the most dangerous catch-and-run weapons/all-around receivers in the NFL.

The Colts have certainly cursed his name after Collins posted one of the greatest clutch Texans' receiver performances of all-time in the "win-and-in" Week 18 matchup. Nine catches for 195 yards and a 75-yard TD on the first play from scrimmage.

As a result of his tremendous season, Collins was rewarded with a contract extension to keep him here for the foreseeable future. Now it's key for Collins to build off of last year's season while, presumably, being the new focus of defensive pass game coverages. With Dell, Diggs and more as his running mates, there's no telling the heights Collins can reach in 2024 and beyond.

19 Xavier Hutchinson

2nd year in Houston

2023 6th round selection

2023 Stats - 16 games, eight receptions for 90 yards; five carries for 49 yards, two tackles on special teams as well

Hutchinson had just 13 touches throughout his rookie season in 2023, but he found a way to make an impact with those touches. Push passes. Toss sweeps. Jet sweeps. OC Bobby Slowik found creative ways to get the former Cyclone All-American the ball to make a play in a key spot. In OTAs/minicamp, it was clear that Hutchinson was even more comfortable in the offense and ready to make a year one-to-year two jump. He contributes on special teams. He gets physical as a run blocker. He can make things happen with the ball in his hands. He's a valued piece in this offense and this deep receiving group.

26 Ben Skowronek

4th year - 1st in Houston

2024 Trade to Houston

2023 Stats (Rams) - 17 games, eight receptions for 66 yards, one TD; two rushes for nine yards, 13 tackles on special teams as well.


Member of Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams - 2021

The Texans traded for the all-purpose, multiple use Swiss Army knife Skowronek in May 2024. He hasn't been in H-Town long but he could make an impact on this team, even if it's not always at receiver. When we sat down with Skowronek earlier this spring, he said he would play any position on the field and given his history, it's possible. Receiver snaps are going to be in short supply given the depth and talent at that position, but Skowronek will still be a special teams demon and he'll learn every single WR position so that he can jump into a game at any point and not hold up the machine. He has outstanding size, speed and smarts, and could actually see time at a number of different spots on this team in 2024.

81 Jaxon Janke


2024 UDFA

2023 Stats (South Dakota State) - 51 receptions for 818 yards, five TD, two rush attempts for 34 yards, and completed the only pass he attempted

The Texans highlighted a small number of receivers it either wanted to draft late in the draft or sign as undrafted free agents. They had Jaxon and his twin brother Jadon in the crosshairs for a while and signed the twins as undrafted free agents at the conclusion of the draft. Although the twins are difficult to tell apart if they're not wearing their jerseys, Jaxon has a little Nico Collins in him with his catch-and-run physicality. This is going to be a tough roster to crack, but the Janke twins both loved the fact that they'd have an extra game opportunity in the preseason to show what they can do.

82 Steven Sims

6th year - 2nd in Houston

2023 FA signing, 2024 FA re-signing

2023 Stats - 3 games, three receptions for 25 yards, one rush for one yard, one massive punt return TD against Baltimore in the divisional round of the 2023 NFL playoffs.


1x NFC Special Teams Player of the Week - 2019

Sims only played in three games in 2023 and did not play in the playoff win over the Browns, but when his number was called in the Baltimore playoff game, he came up HUGE with the first punt/kickoff return for a touchdown in Texans playoff history. That punt return tied the game at ten just prior to halftime of that divisional playoff game at Baltimore. It epitomized Sims' belief that he can make a significant play every time that he touches the rock. He's so dynamic with the ball that the Texans used him on tunnel screens and the sort in the three games he was active in the season. It's a tough nut to crack in this receiver corps, but his return ability and the new kickoff rules could be tailor-made for Sims to find his way onto the roster.

83 Jadon Janke


2024 UDFA

2023 Stats (South Dakota State) - 57 receptions for 946 yards and ten TD, two rushing attempts for 11 yards and one TD

Jaxon's twin brother has some juice down the field and is a playmaker like his brother. He has soft hands and tracks the ball well down the field, as a number of his catches were on deep throws down the field. He "Moss'd" his share of defensive backs at the FCS level, but the challenge is now obvious: do it at THIS level. If a rookie, or rookies, were going to make a run at making THIS roster, these two Janke twins will give it a major go, no question, I'd bet on the Janke twins making it really interesting.

85 Noah Brown

8th year - 2nd in Houston

2023 FA signing

2023 Stats - 10 games, 33 receptions, 567 yards and two TD; one rush for minus one yard

Perhaps the most forgotten man this offseason (due to injury during OTAs/minicamp), Brown was as instrumental in this receiving corps as any receiver was last year. There were games in which Brown was the Alpha dog, #1 WR throughout the game and/or made key clutch catches on touchdown drives. In back-to-back games against Tampa Bay and Cincinnati he had 13 catches for 325 yards and a 75-yard catch-and-run TD. It's hard to find back-to-back games like that in Texans history but that's what Brown produced to help turn the Texans season around.

I can still see him fighting for all the extra yardage on his final catch against Cincinnati to set up the game-winning field goal. Then at Tennessee in Week 15, with Collins and Dell out with injuries, Brown stepped up again with eight catches for 82 yards and the game -tying TD to send the game to overtime. The Texans missed him in the playoff game at Baltimore for sure. If he's healthy for camp, there's no question that Brown just adds more firepower to an already LIT group.

88 Johnny Johnson

3rd year in Houston

2022 UDFA

2023 Stats - one game, no stats

Johnson is headed into his third year in the NFL and with the Texans, and it was clear that he continues to improve. In the two previous years, Johnson stayed persistent on the practice squad and was active in both Week 18 wins over Indianapolis in 2022 and 2023. On a number of other teams in the league, Johnson would be part of the top six and he might eventually make his way into the top six here as he continues to improve his overall game.

89 Jared Wayne

2nd year in Houston

2023 UDFA

2023 Stats - No stats, practice squad all season

Wayne was unfortunately injured during training camp last year, which kept him from making a run at making the team. He remained on the practice squad and signed a reserve/future contract to return to Houston in 2024. He's got outstanding size and hands, so he can snatch passes that other receivers can't but he has to stay healthy to show what he can truly do on the field. If he does, he's going to make some plays in the preseason to get people's attention.

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