A Different Draft Experience | Daily Brew

I've done shows at every Texans draft party going back to the 2002 event at the Astrodome. So it's extra odd that there won't be an actual party for this one.

We've had some doozies, too.

That first one was the David Carr draft. The expansion Texans had 13 picks the entire weekend, creating a lot of activity. In retrospect it was strange to be on the Astrodome floor while the stadium construction had yet to be completed.

Andre Johnson was picked in year two. That party was in the Houston Methodist Training Center practice bubble, the only one there. Then we moved into the stadium. The '06 upset pick of Mario Williams yielded a draft party that saw then-record numbers show up during a torrential downpour.

The lockout draft of '11 saw the Texans make another semi-upset pick of J.J. Watt at number 11 overall. Urban legend has the fans booing the pick. I'm here to tell you that it wasn't a unanimous 'boo.' But there were some.

And this is a story I like to tell people when fans react to off season moves that don't automatically appear to be the right ones at the time. Mario was the right pick in '06 and Watt became Watt.

The '18 draft party was on a Friday because of no first (or second) round choices. But the party was fun and the heat was turned up with three third round selections, two of them Justin Reid and Jordan Akins. Martinas Rankin was traded a year later to the Chiefs for Carlos Hyde.

Every year, when the Texans first selection is on the clock, the TV cameras of every Houston station, and some networks, gather on and around our radio stage to get the shot of fans reacting to the pick. That's not going to happen this year. Instead, we'll be doing an online party with some fans and we'll all rely on social media to provide the reaction.

I was just asked if I'll still want sound from Roger Goodell at the podium for our radio feed. Of course!

But nothing is quite the same in the broadcast and entertainment world. The late night talk shows are hosted from home. Local newscasters are home. Even, SNL was broadcast from cast members' homes. Ok, it was recorded, which didn't make sense, but you get the idea.

It'll be a blast to bring everyone the draft during our marathon 17 hour broadcast on Sports Radio 610 and the Texans App. Our draft expert John Harris will be on the entire time and we'll be rocking! Plus, on social and digital media, we'll have gobs of content that we can get into later.

In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy.