Anderson's conference call

**Wide receiver David Anderson (Colorado State--seventh round, 241st overall)

(on if he was surprised when he got the call)** "Not really. I was surprised that I hadn't gotten a phone call, to be honest, but I was ecstatic when I got the call from Coach Kubiak telling me he was going to pick me. For some reason I felt I was going to be with the Texans all along and I know Coach Kubiak had seen me play, and I knew he liked me and I was hoping I was a perfect fit for that team. I can't explain it right now after a whole day of not knowing what was going on and not understanding; it ended very great."

(on if he's met Coach Kubiak) "I have. His son went to Colorado State and he's been up here; he's seen me play a couple of times and watched me practice. He came up to me at the Combine and was very nice. A great man."

(on coaches knowing his ability and being a late draft pick) "Oh yeah, that's an ideal situation I think. Here (Houston) or Denver would have been the best two places I could have gone to. I think my style of play fits both of those. Obviously, other places too, like the Jets, where they have smaller receivers, but I think ultimately you want a coach who knows who you are before you get there and knows your character from his son being there. It was just a perfect fit and ended up working great in the end."

(on his strengths) "I think I get open and I catch everything that's probably what I do best. I think that's what you mostly want from your receiver. If he can't get open but he's fast, it doesn't work; and if he's open but he can't catch, it doesn't really matter; so I think those are the two most important attributes and that's what I do best."

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