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André Davis discusses contract


The Texans re-signed free agent wide receiver André Davis on Friday to a four-year deal. Immediately after singing the contract, Davis spoke with Texans TV. Below is the transcript.

Brooke Bentley (Texans TV): After the phenomenal season you had last year, recording three kickoff returns for touchdowns and stepping in for an injured Andre Johnson, what did you think your chances were that you would remain in Houston?

André Davis: I was really looking forward to checking to see what the market was going to be like. I knew the Texans were interested. I just didn't know how interested they were. I really wanted to stay here, but I also knew this might be my chance to get the most for my value right now and really put my family in a good position. When it all came down, Houston really stepped up and I'm very glad that they did and that I will be able to stay here for the next couple of years.

Brooke Bentley: There are some big name free agents at wide receiver this year with Randy Moss and Dante Stallworth on the market. What was it like hearing your name thrown around with those two?

André Davis: It was nice. I always felt that I was a great player. And just to be able to go out there and make big plays, I always knew I could do that. Whether I was hurt in the earlier years of my career, or even this past year, being able to show people what I could do - I knew it just took consistency to be able to do that and be able to stay healthy. When I was able to put that together this season, I was able to show everybody what I could do. I'm glad I'll be able to keep those abilities here in Houston and help Houston make it to the next level.

{QUOTE}Brooke Bentley: Free agency started last night, Thursday night. How important for you was it to sign that contract early?

André Davis: It was very important. I wanted to make sure that I didn't have to get on any planes and be traveling and let these other teams wine and dine you. You really try to get a feel from other teams thought about you, and I think a lot of times they just want you there and then they'll talk numbers and try not to get you to leave. But my wife and I have really started to put down some roots here in Houston. We really didn't want to go anywhere. So when everything really came around to it and we got the deal done, we were both excited.

Brooke Bentley: Last season, you mentioned that you would like to stay in Houston and raise your family here. Your wife has to be very excited right now.

André Davis: Yes, she really is very excited, so now the next thing we'll be able to do is be able to find a home – hopefully, close to the stadium – and we'll be able to enjoy that.

Brooke Bentley: It seems like the team is pretty much set at the receiver position with you, Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter and Jacoby Jones. How do you feel about that group going into next season?

André Davis: I feel very good about that group. I thought it was very important, as well, that if I did come back that we would have a solid group right there, and I think we all work very well together. We all continue to give each other a lot of confidence to be able to go out there and play, and we always want to one-up each other. Everybody's always out there to try and make big plays and to help our team out, and I think when we're able to continue to push each other like that, it makes all of us better.

Brooke Bentley: Most importantly, how are you going to celebrate?

André Davis: I haven't even been able to celebrate yet. Both me and my wife are just continuing to take the time to concentrate on our son, and I think when things start to settle down, hopefully next week, maybe, we'll be able to just start off by just going out and getting something to eat, and we'll start out with that.

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