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Annual Meeting Musings | Daily Brew

Daily Brew 328

Mingling at the NFL Annual Meeting (which everyone calls 'The owners' meetings' as a nickname), I was consistently greeted with comments like 'what a great season for you guys!' They were very welcome and I savored them.

While I'm still very much basking in the thrill of a campaign that we'll never forget, my blood is more than heated up for '24.

News broke in Orlando that the Texans will play in the Hall of Fame game for the first time since 2002. The very first Texans game of any kind was in Canton, vs. the New York Giants. It's the only Texans game that John Madden ever called. Melissa Stark worked the sideline and somehow looks exactly the same.

It'll be a weekend of celebration as Andre Johnson gets enshrined and the Texans begin year two of the DeMeco Ryans era, in new uniforms with plenty of Texans fans in attendance.

The Bears fans will be there too, of course. I spoke with Voice of the Bears, Jeff Joniak, on Texans All Access to get his take on going to the Hall of Fame. They have three players going in this year (if you count Julius Peppers) and it feels like they put someone in every other year.

More importantly, Cal and Hannah McNair kick off the program with a terrific interview. I know the news about Cal McNair's ownership status is all over this site but this is still worth your time to listen. The McNair's are focused, effective and funny! At one point Hannah says that Cal "is a good listener." And he quickly interjects "What?"

I love that the kickoff is being revamped. The Super Bowl had 100% touchbacks and kickoffs are most of the time becoming ceremonial plays. I know it doesn't feel that way here as Frank Ross's crew likes to tempt returns by kicking inside the five and the Texans actually ran two back last season, but the league needs this.

I can't explain hip drop tackles any better than I can sing Hips Don't Lie or the Hippy Hippy Shake. But this is a big thing two. Safety first.

The biggest casualty of the moves made at the annual meeting was NBA Christmas Day viewership. Now that the league will play on Wednesday, Christmas Day, there's no way you'll be without NFL football on December 25 again. The league dominates television viewing like offensive linemen dominate a buffet table.

Back to the Hall of Fame game impact – this means that Training Camp will now begin in mid-July. With four preseason games, one wonders how much C.J. Stroud and the starters will play. It doesn't matter, as we need to see all layers of the depth chart.

As you recall last season, all three quarterbacks played. And Nick Caserio had to dig deep into the practice squad, waiver wire and in-season free agency to fortify Sundays.

Besides, it's football, it's festive and we're already hungry for it! Have a terrific holiday weekend!

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