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Houston Texans

Babin conference call


Texans first-round pick DE Jason Babin

(on feelings about hearing that teams wanted to trade up to get him) "I was excited. When I got the phone call and they said that they were going to trade up to get me I was real excited. They came up to work me out and I really like the coaches and I really like the defensive scheme that they have going."

(on if other teams were talking to him) "Not today. That was the first time I got a phone call from a team."

(on moving from defensive end to outside linebacker) "I don't think it will be too much of a stretch. I think it'll be more just practicing it because it's something that I haven't done in a while. My junior year I played a little outside linebacker, not really in practice, but in the games I would do it. I've played linebacker so I have a little in me."

(on draft expectations) "Everybody says positive things like you could go late in the first round. I was thinking 'well, maybe I could,' but realistically second rounder. I was perfectly happy with that."

(on possibly making an early impact) "I definitely want to do everything that I can when I get there. I have to see how I fit in and see what they want me to do."

(on any Texas connections) "The only Texas connection that I have is that my roommate is from Austin."

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