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Barber conference call with Houston media


The Texans drafted Minneapolis safety Dominique Barber in the sixth round. Barber, who is the brother of Dallas running back Marion Barber, spoke to the media.

(on his reaction to the Texans call) "I'm speechless. I have never been so excited in my life. To be here in Minneapolis with my family, it's a blessing. I'm excited to be part of this organization, and I can't wait to get in there and get my feet wet."

(on how today has been) "It's been a long day. I've tried to stay away from the T.V., but I catch myself going back and forth listening to the draft. I've been out here with my family and that's all I can ask for. I am so blessed to have this opportunity, and I am extremely excited."

(on his bloodlines and his dad and brother playing in the NFL) "As for the pressure, no pressure at all. I look at the way my dad and brother teach me about the game and talk to me about what they've gone through, and how I am a different player that they are and they are a different players than I am - and my dad is a different player than both of us. It's about what we do with our opportunities, and taking advantage of the opportunity when it comes - don't worry about anything, just go out there and play the game that you can play. It's great to have these bloodlines. My brother (Marion Barber III) is having a great career with the Cowboys, my dad (Marion Barber, Jr.) had a great career with the Jets, and I'm hoping to have a great career with the Texans."

(on the intrastate rivalry with his brother) "My brother and I have been going at it since we were kids and now that we are grown men, it will be great."

(on his biggest strength) "I definitely think it is coming in and adapting. I had three defensive coordinators, four different position coaches, and two different head coaches. So I had to learn a lot of different schemes and I had to learn it quickly. That is something I am able to adapt too quickly, I am a smart player, and I am just excited to get my feet wet and get in the play books."

(on the defensive side of the ball with players like Mario Williams, Amobi Okoye and DeMeco Ryans) "They're exciting players. Those are players that college kids like myself look up to. The way they bring their defense and excitement to the game, I am just excited to be apart of this defense and the organization. I can't wait to play with these guys."

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