Bill O'Brien Quotes: September 25


Head Coach Bill O'Brien**
(on the status of WR DeAndre Hopkins) "He's got to past the test before he's allowed to play. He practiced today. He looked alright."

(on if WR DeAndre Hopkins still has to take the concussion test) "Yes."

(on the status of RB Jonathan Grimes) "I would say that would be a game-time decision, but he practiced today."

(on the progress of RB Arian Foster) "Good, good. He won't play this week, but he's doing well."

(on the status of G Xavier Su'a-Filo) "He's doing better, but I would say that he probably won't play this week."

G/T Oday Aboushi
(on how ready he feels if he gets playing time this weekend) "I'm prepared. It's my third year in the league so I understand that it comes with a lot of change and as a professional you have to stay ready. I'm excited about the opportunity to get out there and help do anything I can to help this team."

(on how hard it is to be ready to go after only being with a team for a short time) "It's a little tough but like I said earlier the way the guys rally around me and the way the coaches rally around me and help bring me along, it makes me confident to the way I'm going to be out there."

(on how much his experience helps him transition) "It definitely helps, having played last year and kind of having some game experience, knowing the tempo and the speed of the game and how fast things happen out there. It definitely helps a lot. It's not really going to be a surprise to me when I get out there." 

G Brandon Brooks
(on what jumps out about the Buccaneers defense) "First is probably (Gerald) McCoy. He does a lot of things well, real agile guy, works his hands well, gets up the field really well. Jacques Smith came off a three sack game. He does some things really well. Their front seven is obviously the strength of their team. But at the end of the day, and I always go back to this, it's about what we do."

(on facing multiple talented pass rushers) "Really going out there and performing our technique, getting them blocks. Being consistent with the blocking, run game and pass game. Things of that nature. They do some movement up front, so consistently getting them blocked."

(on improving the run game) "I would probably say first is consistency. Not blocking them one play then not blocking the next play, but blocking them every play. Second, all being on the same page and communicating up front. Really sticking to our game plan."

(on the feel in the locker room) "I wouldn't say that we're necessarily sitting here pressing as far as winning the next game. Every game we're trying to win, really trying to execute our game plan and definitely come out with a win."

(on there being a big difference between 1-2 and 0-3) "Most definitely. I agree."

(on the importance of winning this game) "First and foremost, like I said, we're not necessarily sitting here pressing about it. But we do want to win the game. There's a difference between 1-2 and 0-3. Obviously, trying to prevent that 0-3 from happening. But at the same time, trying to go out there calm, cool and collected under pressure, execute the game plan and get it done."

(on playing on turf this weekend) "It's football, it's just that. At the end of the day, those dudes are still rushing, whether its grass or turf. I still got to block them either way. Wherever it is, good to go."

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