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Brandon Frye conference call transcript

Texans tackle Brandon Frye addressed the Houston media Sunday via conference call. Following are his comments.

(on his initial reaction to being drafted) "I was excited, I was really excited. I actually got the call from my agent before I got the call from the Texans. I'm just really excited to be able to come to an organization like this and be able to hopefully contribute this year and help the team."

(on what he knows about the Texans) "To be honest, not a whole lot. I didn't really meet with them a lot. I didn't really expect to be going there. It wasn't one of the places I had talked with a lot or I had worked out with and that had shown a lot of interest. It's definitely a team that I'm excited to come play for."

(on what the Texans told him on the phone) "(They said) they had seen my film a lot and they liked me and they thought that I would fit well into the offense and be able to contribute. We're ready to do some big things on the offensive line this year."

(on whether he played left or right tackle in college) "I actually played both in college. I played right my sophomore year. I played both, I swung back and forth, my junior year. My senior year I played left tackle, this past year. They did not specify where I will be playing. We did not get into all that yet; it will be addressed down the road."

(on the Virginia Tech shootings) "I wasn't aware of the whole thing until after it had all taken place. I was actually working out in our athletic facility, and when I tried to leave there were cops there with guns. They were saying we were in lockdown and I wasn't allowed to leave the building because something was going on on campus. It was a terrible, terrible thing, but our community at Virginia Tech, where I've been for the past five years, we're a great community, we're a great student body. We pulled together to show how strong we are coming together to get through this."

(on whether he took classes this spring) "I've taken some graduate courses, but they are online so I don't have to go to an actual classroom. I finished my finance degree this past December."

(on the ups and downs of the past month) "The tragedy kind of put things in perspective. I was getting ready for a big day in my life, but (it shows) how much I should value every day and all my friends and family because you never know if something like that is going to happen. I was fortunate enough not to be involved or be close or know anybody who was directly involved. At the same time it didn't really take away from my excitement and ambition about today, being able to take the next level with football. I think it's just put things in a better perspective for me."

(on the Texans issues with the offensive line) "I've seen a little bit on ESPN, and I hear things. I don't know anything first hand; it's not something I'm very familiar with."

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