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Brandon Harrison conference call transcript

New Texans safety Brandon Harrison addressed the Houston media via conference call Sunday. Following are his comments.

(on initial reaction of receiving the phone call by the Texans) "Oh man, relief. I told myself that I wasn't going to watch the draft, but I watched about 11 hours yesterday and I have been watching it all morning today, so I was just glad to get the call."

(on what he knows about the Texans) "I know they have a young team and an exciting team. I know they have a nice new stadium. I got to see it. I played in the All-Star Game right after my senior year in high school and we got to tour the facility a little bit. So besides that, I am pretty much an open book, just ready to get out there and check everything out."

(on primarily playing SS at Stanford) "To be honest, we were a little bit interchangeable for most of the time I was there, but if you had to classify it, yes, mostly strong safety."

(on if he's comfortable playing FS) "Absolutely. A lot of what we did, honestly, in my time at Stanford, we almost just played left and right. So depending on the situation and the call we were pretty much interchangeable at free and strong. And I think from what I can tell I think they might be looking for somebody to step in and help out free safety, so if that is what I need to do, then I can do that as well."

(on being a Saints fan growing up and difficult of being a fan during that period) "Growing up, I loved the Saints. It was tough. It is a little bit easier these days, but can't be a Saints fan anymore, I guess."

(on whether he thought he would have been selected higher than he was) "I went into this weekend without a whole lot of expectation, but it was tough. When you are seeing safeties coming off the board and a lot of guys I know and guys I know of. It was tough. I thought maybe a little bit earlier, but you know like I said, I am glad to be in Houston, close to home, and I'm excited to be in there and start working."

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