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Houston Texans

Breakfast: The Deshaun Watson shockwave


Want to see a true Houstonian really cringe?


Oh, there are thousands of you right now wanting to punch me and, honestly, I want to punch me, if that were possible.

Let me add to that one. Sherlock Holmes never actually said "It's elementary, my dear Watson" so can we NOT use that in reference to the Texans newest addition Deshaun Watson?

Just eliminate those two from our vernacular and we'll be friends for a long time.

In all seriousness, the Texans selection of Deshaun Watson sent a shockwave through the city of Houston and certainly our draft party at NRG Stadium. As we sat on stage as the Browns pick came into focus, I heard someone on the stage, presumably our buddy Robert Henslee say…

"Holy cow, the Texans just traded up!"

After a significant trade up for the second and tenth picks earlier in the night, as soon as we heard that AND that it was the Texans we had a feeling that a quarterback, more than likely Watson, was going to be selected. That news, though, hadn't gotten to the fans at the Party yet. Piped over the PA system, knowing that the Texans had traded up, when NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell walked to the podium, Marc Vandermeer, the Voice of the Texans, threw it to the podium.

"We have a trade."

With that, stone silence for about 20 seconds. Most Texans fans on hand realized that Watson was the only first round value quarterback left on the board, so there was hope.

"The Texans are now on the clock."

Absolute pandemonium. It was insane at that moment like I've never seen at a Draft Party. Granted, I've not attended many draft parties other than these four that I've worked with the Texans. My only thought was that it had to be a quarterback, but could there be a curve ball in the works? No, that couldn't happen, could it?

"With the 12th pick, the Houston Texans select…"

Stone silence.

"Deshaun Wa…"

Eruption. Didn't even need the "tson" at that point. We had gotten the word about two minutes prior, so all four of us on-stage realized that when the party goers saw this news, it was about to get lit and it did.

No one can predict success for any of the 32 players selected last night, but if Watson lives up to the Party's reaction, the Texans will win about 35 rings in the next ten years.

Seriously, though, Watson will certainly be welcomed to Houston and will come ready to compete. He's got a lot to learn and comprehend about the NFL, this city, the organization and the team.

Welcome to Houston, Deshaun Watson.

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