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Brink conference call with Houston media


Washington State University quarterback Alex Brink talked to the media after the Texans drafted him in the seventh round.

QB Alex Brink(on his reaction to the Texans' call) "I was real excited. It was definitely a relief. Certainly, (I had) been waiting around all day, hoping for something like this to happen, and I'm just excited that I'm going to get a great opportunity with a great organization."

(on what its like to able to come to Houston and work with head coach Gary Kubiak) "Knowing the type of coach he is and the great work he has with quarterbacks. I am just so excited to be down there and have the opportunity to be with him and (offensive coordinator/quarterbacks) coach (Kyle) Shanahan and learn from them. I know they were excited, and I was just as excited. I want to get down there and show them what I can do."

(on biggest strength) "I definitely think my understanding of the game and my understanding of the offenses. I feel like I'm a pretty sharp guy and pick up on things pretty well."

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