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Brown conference call with Houston media


Offensive tackle Duane Brown of Virginia Tech was selected by Houston with the 26th overall pick. Brown talked to the media Saturday via conference call.

OT Duane Brown

(on his initial reaction when he received the call from the Texans) "I was just overwhelmed with joy. I was a bit surprised because I didn't have much contact with them throughout the (scouting) process. I'm just very happy and I'm ready to get to work."

{QUOTE}(on where he watched the draft) "I'm in Richmond, Virginia with my family and friends."

(on coming to the Texans and joining former college teammate Brandon Frye) "Having someone there that I played with for a few years and that can help me throughout the process it means a lot to me. I got a chance to see their facilities when I was in the East-West Shrine Game. They have a great program and I'm honored to be a part of it."

(on what was going through his mind when other offensive linemen were picked in front of him) "I was happy. I had a few guys rated ahead of me. I just waited. I knew a lot of teams were looking at offensive tackle so I just waited. I'm fortunate to be picked in the first round."

(on knowing the Texans' offensive tackle situation) "I have heard about it, but I haven't heard about it too much."

(on switching to left tackle) "I love it. It is the ultimate challenge across the line. You have the number one job and that's keeping the quarterback blind-side clean. I feel like I have the ability to play that position and I'm going to work hard to learn the offense and polish up my technique and try to contribute very early."

(on his biggest strength) "It's my athleticism, pass protection, and being able to get up in the second level. I've been working on my run blocking a lot - I need to improve in that area as well."

(on the kind of game he had against Chris Long of Virginia last year) "I had a pretty good game against him. I gave up one sack, but overall I did a pretty good job against him. I had a pretty good week of practice and studied him a lot and watched just about every game he had that year."

(on his expectations going up against the defensive lines of the AFC South) "I'm very excited. Seeing those guys every Sunday and just waiting for your time to compete. I'm very confident, but at the same time very humbled because I know they are great athletes and very crafty veterans."

(on if he talked to Frye much at all from last year) "I talked to him a little bit during my season. I got a chance to talk to him when I went there for the East-West game. I haven't talked to him since. I am sure I will soon here."

(on what Frye told him about the Texans during their talks) "He said it was a great area, great team. He just got activated towards the end of the season and he is very excited about that. He just said he is in a great position right then and in a great area with great people."

(on the conversations he had with the Texans during the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis) "I did get a sense of interest. We just talked about what they thought I could bring to the team. Some things they thought I had to work on. They thought I was a great prospect and with the proper coaching I could be a great player in the league. I feel the same way."

(on if he knows about assistant head coach/offense Alex Gibbs and his work in Denver and if it intrigues him) "I'm very interested and excited about the chance to work with him. I know he's a great coach and he did wonders with the Broncos line, and looking for guys who are my type to help the lineup. And I came to help him."

(on his knowledge of zone blocking and the technique and adjusting to the pros from college) "We use a lot of zone blocking at Tech. I think that I have a pretty easy transition learning this system and what they are trying to do. I have been in the zone blocking system for four years, so I don't think it will be too hard."

(on the emotions of his family) "A lot of emotions were running. There was a lot of talk about me possibly going in the first round, but after all of the offensive tackles I was thinking maybe mid-second. Once I got the call everyone was crying and jumping and shouting and a lot of energy."

(on who called about the selection) "(Rick) Smith, and then I got on the phone with Kubiak after that."

(on what they said on the phone) "Just that they thought I was a great player and its time to get to work. They were very happy to have me. And that was about it really."

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