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Brown talks to media


In his first interview as a Texan, offensive tackle Duane Brown talked about being selected by the Texans with the 26th overall pick.

Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks Kyle Shanahan
(opening statement) "I am glad to be sitting here with Duane Brown, our first round draft choice. We are all very excited to have him. The guy is very special, as far as a player athletically. He has all the skills as far as an athletic standpoint. He is as good as anyone in this league. I am very excited to have him, not only just skill wise, athletically, but as a person. I have been researching him and he is a great person. He is a very smart player and he is determined to succeed in the NFL. We are very excited and fortunate to have him on our team."

T Duane Brown
(opening statement) "I just want to thank the whole Texans organization and coaching staff for picking me and bringing me into a great program. I am honored to be here. I am ready to come in and work and contribute immediately in any way I can. I want to thank the whole Houston community as well."

(on his first start at tackle in college against Mario Williams) "I remember that night like it was yesterday. I was two weeks into the position; it was the opener and a night game at NC State. He is a very intimidating figure. I held my own that night and it was the beginning of my transition. Being able to go against him in practice, he is one of the best defensive end in the league. I think practicing against him will be great for me and will help me."

(on the guys who he went up against that were drafted other than Chris Long) "I went up against Phillip Merling from Clemson, Calais Campbell from Miami; also I went against Chris Ellis in practice everyday. It was a great group of competition. They helped me out a lot."

(on the challenges of the NFL) "Adjustments to the speed. The NFL is a very fast paced game which is a lot different from college. Also technique, you have to be a technician in this league to be successful, especially in the left tackle position. I will do my best to polish my technique everyday so I can be successful and help the team out."

(on assistant head coach/offense Alex Gibbs system and fitting in it) "I've heard a lot about him back in Denver. I think I can fit in great with what he does. His zone blocking schemes fits athletic tackles and guards. I think that's my biggest asset, athleticism. Being able to move and getting up to the second level and cut-down. I think it will work out great for me."

(on having any idea of going to Texans) "I really didn't have any idea. I really didn't have any contact with the Texans throughout the process. I was told that they really kept an eye on me. The East-West Shrine game, that's what helped me out and got me on their radar. Other than that, I'm just grateful and happy to be here. It's a great organization."

Kyle Shanahan
(on why they selected Brown) "This actual draft was as deep at left tackles as any drafts maybe ever. We know there were a lot of good players going into this draft and capable of being first round type guys. (General manager) Rick Smith and his whole staff doing there homework. This is who we projected to have the choice to take. So we wanted to take it at that spot and fortunately it went exactly how we anticipated and we were able to get our man."

Duane Brown
(on how the shooting tragedy at Virginia Tech affected him personally) "When it first happened, I was on campus. My roommate texted me and told me what was going on. I immediately went home and watched it on CNN from my apartment. It was a very surreal tragedy. Fortunately for me, I didn't have any close relationships with any of the victims. I did have a couple of classmates, but I wasn't deeply hurt by the tragedy. I didn't have any close friends, but it was definitely terrible day at Virginia Tech."

Kyle Shanahan
(on Brown starting out as a tight end, going to right tackle then to left tackle) "The first thing that sticks out in my mind when you know that he played and this guys caught passes as a tight end at Virginia Tech; a big time program. He's got touchdowns as a tight end. So the first thing that jumps out is that he's obviously a great athlete. Not many linemen would be capable to play that position, and he is. You look at the scheme that we run, we do want fast players. People say that general linemen are fast and small; small not necessarily; just usually smaller guys tend to be faster. With Duane he's got the size of a linemen and the speed like a skill player, and that's exactly what works with our system the best. On top of that, the fact that he can go from tight end to right tackle, left tackle, says a lot about his skills but also says a lot about the guy. He's up for any challenge. He's never turned anything down; anything coach has asked him to do, he done and he really risen to the occasion in each spot. He's got three position changes in college and each position he's gone to he's played better than the prior."

Duane Brown
"The transition was a very good time for me, making the transition from tight end to right tackle. It was pretty tough at first, because it was a very short notice; two weeks before our first game. I had to learn, and I had a lot people around me helping a lot. I'd been there three years and I got pretty comfortable. Then I moved to left tackle this past season. It was a little better, this transition. I worked a lot harder than I did before this, to be successful. I watched a lot of people, different left tackles and what they did to be successful, and I had a pretty good season. I just compete, whatever I have to do. I learn as much as I can, and try to soak it all up, and do whatever I have to do extra to make myself better."

(on how much his family has helped him to get here) "They helped me a lot. They have supported me ever since my little league football. They came to every game and have been very instrumental in my success and my confidence."

(on working on the punt coverage team in college) "Sometimes it wore on me a little bit, but I enjoyed being able to show my speed and be a defensive player and make a tackle, so it was great for me to be on that team. I feel honored."

(on his approach to scrutiny and expectations) "I will just be the same person everyday, and show up for work and do what is asked of me. I'm here to do a job, and that's all I can do."

(on how he describes himself) "I'm a hard worker, great teammate. Try to be a great person on and off the field. I'm motivated, and I just try to take it with me everyday when I show up on the football field with my teammates and my coaches."

(on how he is a motivator to his teammates) "In the weight room, I was a captain at Virginia Tech. I motivated guys in the weight room to try to get bigger, stronger and faster. I motivated them out on the practice field, when it's hot outside and people are getting down, I try to pick the tempo up. Just overall, I just try to motivate and do what I have to, to get better myself."

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