BWTB: Derek Newton knows farming

Derek Newton leaves the football field for another field in the offseason.

While Texans players all have their own way of unwinding after the season ends, Newton may have the most unusual hobby of all.


"One offseason, I actually made a little garden in my backyard," Newton said on December 24 on Texans Radio. "I had cucumber, watermelon, okra, and I think I had peas."

The starting right tackle grew up watching his grandfather raise livestock and grow produce on his Mississippi farm. As a kid, Newton cherished the time he spent with his grandfather and all the agricultural wisdom he imparted.

"We had watermelon, peas, corn, sweet potatoes, peanuts, okra, snap beans, greens," Newton recalled. "He had a lot."

Newton still enjoys gardening, though on a smaller scale, when he goes back to Mississippi in the offseason.

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