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Camp arrival quotes


FS Marcus Coleman: **

(on anything standing in his way) "Not at all. Its gone, its done. I'm ready to run 40s tomorrow. I'm ready to go to work. I'm in a new position and I'm looking forward to the season and looking forward to bringing some good things to the team."

(on proving to others what happened isn't who he really is) "Not really. People who know me know what type of person I am. I try to carry myself within the same manner and the way I act, and my mannerisms and the things I do all the time. The people who know me know who I am. Other than having to continue to prove yourself to the NFL, coaches and staff and to your peers I don't think there's any other pressure."

(on whether the team is a good mix of rookies and veterans) "I think it is. It's a matter of the younger guys following in our footsteps, the vets. We are fortunate because we have a lot of veterans that have been there before, several times over. Myself, Aaron, Jamie, Gary. Then you have some guys in-between that have been here two or three years- David, Jabar, Domanick. As long as we can get everyone on the same page, no matter how many years they've been here, I think we'll be fine."

(last year season comparing to this year's) "I feel good about it. My goal is to try and get better everyday."

(on practices during training camp) "Practicing inside at 3:30 makes a lot of sense to me, everyone knows how hot it gets here. Plus we open up here this year. If we were going to Miami he might keep us outside so that we could try to get used to the heat. Opening up here first game, that plays a big deal in how he thinks. Plus the off-season conditioning probably helped us out a lot too."

(on getting suited up and ready for practice) "That's what we get paid to do. I'd be hitting the hell out of these cameras right now if you were players."

(on contending for postseason play ) "That should be everybody's expectation. We have to go out and handle our business on the field and let the chips fall into place. We don't want to overload ourselves. The fans and everybody want a competitive team. We got a lot of talent this off-season, and everybody saw the disastrous season last year as far as injuries, so hopefully we can keep everybody healthy this year and keep everybody on the field. If we keep everybody on the field then our chances are just as good as anybody else in the league."

(on how he feels) "I feel good. I feel great. Ready to get back at it. Having a year off you have a lot of catching up to do, but I'll get it back. I'm ready to get started."**


TE Billy Miller:

(on expectations) "I'm being realistic about it. I think we the players have proved some schemes in the way we're playing ball this year. I think we'll be better and that's a start."

(on the offense being centered around David Carr) "He's the quarterback so the offense will always be centered around him. The good thing is that we don't have Joe Blow and that we do have a good quarterback in David Carr. He's going to touch the ball every play, which is a great thing."

(on about his position in the offense) "I think the first year I was more in the slots, more in a move position where I could create matchups. I would love to have that back again. That would be what I would be used best for, and I'm sure coach Palmer will put together the best game plan for us as tight ends."

(on the lineup) "I think now that with Mark Bruener in there, there's a guy who can go out full time who they rely on and trust. I think they can open up some opportunities for tight ends to go down the field more."

(on closing out close games) "I think that was one of our biggest problems last year. If we did we would have won four more games. That's a lot of games. That's the difference in some playoffs. I think we need to learn to put teams away, and I think we did. I think our defense had some injuries last year. If they stay healthy I think defensively we can set Payne back with Rober' and some of those other guys in there. Gary Walker, if those three guys make up our front defensive line I think we'll be a hell of a defense. Defense wins championships."

(on camp survival gear) "A Bible… not much, you just bring clothes. You don't have much time in the room and I think as long as you stay in the ice tub and watch a little T.V. and try to relax as much as possible. We do so much with meeting times and being on that field that as much relaxation as you can get, you have to."

(on one thing he has to have for camp) "I'm a big T.V. guy. I'll check out what they have and usually I'll bring a DVD player or something and watch movies. That's my relaxation."

(on playing video games) "Not much, but as soon as Madden comes out I'll have to check it out. I'll have to get a couple of games in during the camp until I get completely wore out and have to go to sleep."

(on video games recognizing his skills) "They haven't the last couple of years. I've been trying to get in touch with John Madden. Maybe he can bump up the stats a little bit this year and do a better job…Monday night football would help."

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