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Camp quotes (8/3)

Head Coach Dom Capers

(On Domanick Davis as a receiver): "Domanick escapes people, in my mind, because of his quickness. He has the ability to make a guy miss. That's what made him such a good return man at LSU. To be a good return man, you have to make the first guy miss. If we can isolate him, one-on-one, out in space with a little room I think he can make yardage. He has excellent hands. With his quickness, hands and ability to make people miss, we can use him as a real weapon."

(On Jonathan Wells' progression on special teams): "I think Jonathan Wells is having his best training camp right now, not only as a special teams player. He's running his best as a running back since we've had him. What I see now is that he's not dancing in the hole, he's being decisive, he makes one read and plants his foot. He's a big body, 245 pounds running down hill. It's his third year and he understands what he has to do. He developed into a very good special teams player last year and he's probably going to be one of our best special teams players this year."

(On the overall quickness and changes on the offensive line): "I think (the offensive linemen) have all worked hard. I think they are lean. You can't say we have many fat offensive lineman. We've got 16 offensive linemen in camp right now and there is only one under 300 pounds. That tells you what's happening to the offensive line positions.

"You take a guy like Todd Wade, who has a very low percentage of body fat for a man his size, I think these guys have worked hard across the board to get in shape. They know that fits with the scheme we're trying to use." Tight End Mark Bruener

(On his role as a Texan): "I think my role is to be a veteran leader and help this ball club. Everyone talks about how young this ball club is. They're not young. There are young players at certain positions, but overall this is a team that is maturing and has a chance at winning a lot of football games this year."

"I think I can help our offense in the running and pass game. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute and help Domanick Davis run for a lot of yards and also help David Carr throw for a lot of yards as well."

(On the transition from Pittsburgh to Houston): "To be honest, it's hot as blazes down here. I've never experienced heat like this. There were days when I thought it was hot and humid in Pittsburgh, but nothing like what it is here.

"Beyond the weather, I've been very impressed with the organization, facilities and Mr. McNair. The coaching staff is outstanding. (Mr. McNair) has really done things the right way down here and I'm excited to be a part of Coach Capers' organization."

Tackle Todd Wade

(On facing his former team, the Miami Dolphins, later this week): "It's going to be a lot of fun. I look forward to it. I'm still friends with a lot of guys on the team and I like them. That's something you have to move past and I'm looking forward to facing them."

Tackle Seth Wand:

(On making the switch from guard to tackle): "Initially I was drafted to play left tackle and then I'd run some at right tackle. I was more or less a backup tackle last year. If anyone got hurt, I went into the game for them. (This year) is not a transition problem, I've played on the left side since I was in high school. It's something I'm very comfortable with and that I've done the last 10 years."

(On the continuity switching positions and playing next to Chester Pitts): "I feel good. Everything has been real smooth. It's a chemistry thing. We all have to go out there everyday and work on knowing what way certain guys step, how they block and what their strengths and weaknesses are. I have to learn Chester's and he has to learn mine. It goes all the way down the line."

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