Camp quotes (8/5)

Head Coach Dom Capers

(On the play of WR Andre Johnson thus far in camp) "I think he is confident. He's done a nice job catching the ball. When he gets his hands on the ball, he's big guy who is hard to bring down. I think all of our receivers are good yards-after-the-catch receivers."

(On combating injuries at positions during training camp) "You don't want to get in a situation where you only have a couple guys working (at a position) and you wear those guys out. We go through a lot of repetitions out here. We have 91 players. If you get thin at one position, it becomes difficult to execute practice."

(On Jarrod Baxter returning from injury) "He's on his way back. It's obviously been a long rehab. I don't know if he's totally 100 percent. He's still limited in some areas. Jarrod's a hard worker. Getting this work and being able to stay out here on the field is real important to him."

WR Andre Johnson


(On the team's preparation for fourth quarter play in training camp) "Yesterday was our first day doing the two-minute drill. The coaches have really been stressing third and fourth down conversions. I think that if we converted a lot of the third and fourth downs in the fourth quarter last year, maybe we would have won some of those games."

(On if he's ready to play against another team) "Definitely. Sometimes you get tired of going against your teammates everyday. It's going to be great to get the Dolphins in here and go against some different guys."

LB Jay Foreman

(On the defense being better than the 31st ranking from last year) "You can't really look at stats. We had a lot of plays. Any time you have a lot of plays, you're going to give up a lot of yards. That's just common sense. But you never want to be ranked 31st. Obviously, we think we're better than that and we want to reverse that and become a top-ten defense."

(On the key to improving the defense this year) "Go out and execute. The biggest thing for us is to stay healthy. We have the players, we have the coaches and we have the want to be better. We just need to stay healthy."

LB Kailee Wong
(on fast guys): "We do, we do. We have a lot of guys. You'd be amazed, from top down we have a lot of speed. That's why they're kind of excited about it."

(on being a breakout year) "No doubt about it. Not only that but the defensive line with the addition of Robaire (Smith), (Jerry) Deloach and Gary Walker and Seth Payne comes back. That's a huge thing. It's a team effort and the better people you have around the better you are."

(on number of sacks) "I always have a number but I haven't shared it yet, and that hasn't worked so might as well share it now. Just teasing... No, I deffinetly have a personal goal but more importantly I have a team goals."

(on excited to get those type of numbers) "Yeah, of course. That's why we play the game. We play the game to compete, we play to win as a team. We play the game to help the team win and that will obviously help the team win."

(on playing the opposite side) "It's one of those things where we finally have the personal to switch. I came here to play the right side, but before the season started I had to go to the left side because of the guys we had. I'm excited about Babin being here and playing the left side and that gives me the opportunity to play the right."

DE Jerry Deloach
(on not being injured) "Its being blessed. I try to work out and stay healthy. I've been blessed to stay this healthy."

(on having a high pain tolerance) "Playing D-Line you're used to having nicks and bumps, but you try to drain it out, block it out and keep on pushing."

(on beating the heat) "I've been here for two years and I honestly don't think there is a way to beat the heat. Keep drinking fluids and stay out of the sun as much as you can, but when you're out here you have to stay hydrated as much as possible."

(secrets to getting through training camp) "No, just taking it one day at a time, one practice at a time."

(on being the first trade in franchise history) "It's an honor. Something I'll be able to tell my children in the future. It's an honor that Houston decided to trade for me."

(on the team taking the next step) "It's a little early right now, but we're improving everyday and the guys are working hard and I expect good things from us but it's too early to tell right now."

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