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Camp quotes (8/9)

Head Coach Dom Capers
(on new rules) "You can't tug on a jersey. You can't have a collision beyond five yards. We're coaching it and we're coaching it hard, because I know what is going to happen. You're going to see in preseason games, a lot of flags. People will adjust to it and we'll go back to life as normal. It's going to happen. We had some that were legitimate at the scrimmage on Saturday. There's one that I disagreed with that we've cut up, we're going to send in and ask about. Our guy was doing what we coached him to do. I just want to make sure, out here right now, that we are getting our players ready and we're coaching them on the way things are going to be called."

(on which play he disagreed with) "The play I'm referring to is the one with Jason Bell up the sideline where I thought he had shoulder position on the receiver and he turned around and looked for the ball and he leaned into the guy. Anytime you have shoulder position and you look back for the ball I don't think it's a foul. I just want to get clarified on that because he did things exactly the way we coach him on the practice field. You don't ever want to coach something that, once you get out there, is going to be called in a game...The other ones, one was a little tug on the jersey. I don't have a problem with that. We're coaching the guys hard out here that they cannot grab the jersey or it's going to get called."

(on using backup QB's in practice) "It will all be scripted and we'll sit down. I can give you a good idea how much everybody is going to play towards the end of the week. Normally speaking, David will start and Tony will come in. We've got to get Tony enough work to get him sharp and then Ragone will take the rest. That will vary from game one through game four."

(on the team's practice after a day off) "I think it was good. We talked last night in our meeting about how important this week is in our preparation. We can't afford to come out and have a bad practice. There are a lot of guys competing for positions. They realize that every practice they are being evaluated. So much of the evaluation is based on what you do day-in and day-out. You can't afford to come out here and take things for granted or go through the motions."

(On Kailee Wong's first practice after the birth of his son last week) "He looked pretty good to me. You can tell that he had a couple days off. I think he was excited about being back out here."

(On his thoughts on the secondary) "I think we have more speed and coverage ability than what we've had. I like what I see. Demarcus Faggins continues to improve and Dunta Robinson is getting a lot of work. I think Marcus Coleman is a natural free safety. Our work against the Dolphins last weekend was a good start. It will be interesting to see what we against the Cowboys this weekend."

C Steve McKinney
(on practicing) "I did most of the reps and went 85-90% today and it felt pretty good."

(on playing in preseason game) "Right now I'm expecting to play. I'm expecting to take all the reps with the first group. "

(on being back with the team) "It's definitely important. It's a new offense and there are still some things on the new blocking schemes I need to learn and practice. You can always use more practice, you're never going to be perfect at anything on offense line plays. It can get better. I need the reps just as much as anybody."

(on the new blocking scheme) "It's actually been nice. The way we're doing it with the zone blocking really allows you to be more physical and come off the ball harder. With the zone blocking you know you have backside help. You don't have to worry about getting beat inside by your guy. You can come off and try to knock him off the football."

(on benefits of new schemes) "It's going to make the interior of the defensive line softer. We're going to be able to come off, hit them and knock them off the ball some. It makes it easier for the backs to make their cuts; they don't get hit in the backfield. A lot fewer negative yardage plays. It's going to be very good for us."

WR Jabar Gaffney
(On the effect of stricter illegal contact calls on himself and the team) "It's going to help out a lot. Guys can't hold, pull and tug all the way down the field. It's going to allow us to stretch the field more."

DE Robaire Smith

(On incorporating "attitude" into his game play) "I think I have a lot of attitude in my game. The longer the game goes on, the more my attitude picks up and it brings out the best in me. Some people get tired and they start slowing down. When I get tired, that brings out the best in me."

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