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Camp quotes: Day 3


The Texans wore full pads for the first time in camp Sunday morning. After the open practice, head coach Gary Kubiak told the media he was impressed with the effort he was seeing from the defense.

Head coach Gary Kubiak
(on DT Amobi Okoye) "He is much more of a pro. I think our biggest battles with Amobi last year were consistency of effort and those types of things for young guys that we're asking a lot out of, and that's not an issue right now. He is a worker. He's getting better from that stand point. We need him to take that huge jump that everybody talks about from your one to two, but he is just a much more consistent player."

(on his overall impression of how the group is progressing) "I just think it's really something new everyday, to be honest with you. You know, historically the hardest day at camp is the first day you put full pads on, and they're really worn down. But I think our defense really answered the bell this morning. I thought they practiced with enthusiasm and weren't feeling sorry for themselves. But I was really impressed with defense."

{QUOTE}(on RB Chris Brown's injury) "We want him to be 100 percent participant in what we're doing in offseason and he did that. Chris is a good kid, very smart, all that's easy for him. I think the key is that of we can keep him a little fresher than he has been in the past, in our rotation with him and Ahman, maybe we will find another level. He has been on the field in this league and healthy and very productive."

(on the impressing performance by LB Xavier Adibi) "Well, there are some things you can't teach in football. There are instincts that you can't teach, and he really has a nose for the ball - seems like good things happen to him. I'll point out another kid, you have the (Derrick) Roberson kid. That corner's trying to make this team. It just seems like every day he comes out here, he is making a pick or he is close to a pick, just very good football instincts That's what I see from Xavier, he is going to have to be a big contributor to Joe (Marciano, special teams coordinator) on special teams and we'll see, but very, very instinctive player."

(on 8-8 being a good way to start off this season) "I mean, we improved, but that's it and it doesn't matter what you did last year. It's about what you're doing right now and throughout the offseason has to bee good. Now were back to work. What is this, our fifth practice into it? So, we got a long, long way to go. What matters is now, and that's seems like it happens to be the slogan of the league this year. But that's really the truth, that's all that matters."

(on how hard it was to fill in questions about the team) "No. I don't think those things happen in a short period of time. They happen over a long period of time and just sort themselves out, but when you create competition on your team with players competing, they are going to sort themselves out and we're going to be better at doing what we are trying to do."

(on what he feels has changed, since his first camp) "Our first camp, we had 88 guys on this practice field and honestly we probably knew pretty close what our 53 were going to be. We're probably choosing from about sixty players that got cut down last year, and this year I've got - I couldn't tell you. It's going to be hard because competition is so great. You look at safety, you look at receiver, there is no telling what's going to happen with this team, but its going to happen because of what guys do on the field. Our talent pool is just much better thanks to Rick and the scouting department."

(afternoon practice)
(on if there was anything exciting in practice) "No, Matt (Schaub) is moving around pretty good and Jacoby Jones is not here this afternoon because his ankle was bothering him this morning. He pushed through practice and went to take a look at it. All indications I got back said he is going to be fine, so he was missing but other than that nothing new."

(on LB DeMeco Ryans) "He is just getting better you know. He is just so much more confident in our defense. He is at a point now where he is in the coach's dome, that is how smart he is. We are very confident in his leadership in this football team. I think he senses the help he has got around him. With Kevin Bentley coming in here, I think he senses his group is getting better, and that should make our football team better."

(on alternating practices) "I think certain guys like that. The frame of mind, they are still young players and they need all the reps they can get. In all honesty, I think that every four or five days they are going to need a break too so that's something that we'll think about as time goes. Plus, we are going to need to know who's going to run the defense when he is not in there. And right now it looks like it will be Kevin Bentley, so we have to get him a lot of work."

(on if they players are going to want to take the day off) "Probably not, but we can make them take a break."

(on differences in expectations for QB Matt Schaub this year) "My expectations for him are the same as the team. He has improved. He is a better player through the off season. But, of course, staying healthy is a big, big key. But the key to that is working hard in the offseason, taking care of your body and the team getting better around you. But that's the only thing he can do to get better, and that's all you can ask as a coach. If he does that, then he is going to play better."

(on how the players look after pads this morning) "I think we are good and fresh in the afternoon. We are going to come in here in our hats and come in the cool air regardless of what's going on. I think they kind of bounce back from lunch and a good break. Even though our numbers are down, our bodies have been good. That is a credit to (head strength and conditioning coach) Dan Riley who has done a very good job with them this off season."

G Chester Pitts
(on what it's like to have high expectations this year) "Truly, it's a nice feeling that the expectations aren't just to survive or just to get by. They are to play well and do well. I kind of like the vibe and I like the added pressure. You know, good players, when the pressure is on… the cream rises to the top."

(on if the 8-8 finish last year is a kick start to camp this year) "To get that much better, honestly, it's the best we've done but at the end of the day it's no where were we want it to be. But it's better than what we've done and every year, as long as we are getting better, then we'll be fine."

(on if it feels different this year in camp after the 8-8 finish last year) "Yeah, just the attitude and the expectations, everything about it. The aura around the team is an expectation to do well and be good and not just get by or survive or 'oh we were close.' That's crap and that just doesn't fly anymore."

(on if he sees the continuity on the offensive line with the new scheme) "Yeah, we brought in Chris Myers, and the young buck (T Duane Brown) is going to be fine. The whole thing is just really getting schemed down, everything Alex Gibbs wants. I mean it's tried, tested and proven. It's going to work. So, it's just on us to put it all together."

(on what he thinks about assistant head coach/offense Alex Gibbs) "Ha-ha. The angry Cherokee. No, he's just fine. I appreciate a little attitude from a coach. I'm an easy guy. You can just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it. But he's intense; a lot of energy. We have to watch his blood pressure out here sometimes. He's a really good coach. He's taught me two or three tricks that I've really added to the repertoire that I really plan to use this year. They are really going to help me."

(on if his intensity has rubbed off on the other players) "I don't know. I think to play this game, if it doesn't come from within it doesn't really matter. You have to want to do this. You have to be excited to do this. No one can rub your back and make you want to go hit somebody. You have to wake up and have that passion inside of you already. I guess you can say it may spark us or wake us up a little bit, but I think that's not his responsibility. It comes from within."

QB Matt Schaub
(on if the strong finish last year has helped the attitude this year at training camp) "I think so. I think it definitely propelled us into the offseason, you know, with the strong finish that we had and how we performed. What we knew we were capable of when we were healthy and at full strength. And everybody got healthy this offseason. We're excited to get back after things and coming into camp here and realizing what kind of talent we have and the unity we have as a group and what we're capable of. It's exciting to be out here working to get better."

(on if the holes on the team look a little smaller than they did last year) "Without a doubt. We have great guys in here; great veterans. We brought some good free agents in to fill a few of those spots and also with the rookies coming in. So just bringing those guys along and integrating them into our system and all bonding together."

DE Mario Williams
(on his impression of the defense) "I think we're just molding, pretty much we're just keeping things simple, playing up for the young guys especially. It's just out there getting together and running through things and knowing what to do when were out there on the field."

(on what he feels it will take to get the team on one accord) "Hard work, I mean, like I said, we have to take things one step at a time, one day at a time. Pretty much that's all that matters. It's all about hard work and want, and we will go from there."

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