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Camp quotes: Day 7


The Texans worked out running backs in the morning with Chris Brown sitting out from another practice. Head coach Gary Kubiak talked to the media about Brown's situation.

Head coach Gary Kubiak
(on today's morning practice) "A little slow getting going this morning, but we did get going. Going to have everybody work twice today since we're going morning and this evening with the fans coming out. We pushed through and we got some good work done."

(on RB Chris Brown) "Where is he at physically? He jogged a little bit today. I watched him when we were in our individual period. I'll have to get back in there and talk to (head athletic trainer) Kevin (Bastin). What I saw watching him jog, I would still think he's a few days away at least."

{QUOTE}(on Brown being injured in camp) "It's a concern. Injuries have held him back in his career, but he did have a good offsesason. He worked with our team and didn't miss anything. He was fine. He had a good OTAs and made every practice. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed right here. I'm hoping he's back here in a couple days. I know he can help this football team, but we know we've got to get him out here. We're just going to do everything we can to get him healthy and stay positive on the issue and try to get him back out here."

(on WR Jacoby Jones) "He had a court appearance this morning and ended up coming out here late. And actually when he got here, I just told them to keep him out. Keep him out until this afternoon. He should practice tonight, though."

(on his confidence in WR Kevin Walter) "You just see a worker; a real accountable worker, overachieving type of guy, a real pro. And I think you have to let them know you believe in them and it wasn't just me, it was our whole team. Everybody was feeling the type of player he was. And it's easy as a coach when all of a sudden a guy goes in and plays and plays well, and say, 'Well, he should stay there.' But sometimes it's a hard call when a guy hadn't played much to say, 'Hey, I think you're a starter, go get after it.' Those are tough calls to make, but we've got to make them. And we're trying to do that with Zac Diles right now. We're hoping he continues his progress and ends up the same way."

(on if it's the best he's felt about his receivers) "It's a good group. You just kind of keep going, you're in camp, but it's an excellent group. The competition is very, very good. In the past, if Andre (Johnson) missed a practice, the football team was not very sharp. But we can rest Andre and we still make plays out here. It's a good group and there will be some tough cuts. Hopefully, they're all standing at the end. And it's tough on the football team, so it means we're better."

(on the strongside linebacker spot) "Zac (Diles) is sitting there. We plan on playing Chaun Thompson there at the SAM. (Kevin) Bentley is doing MIKE work, because I have to know that he can run this football team if something happens to 59 (DeMeco Ryans). But what they had been told and what we told them is that we're going to play the best three. There is a lot of competition, just when you think about it from a football standpoint between Zac and Bentley and (Kevis) Coley and hopefully Chaun gets back here quick. So we're going to play the best three guys."

(on challenges for LB Zac Diles) "I don't see anything physically that he can't do; toughness is his biggest attribute. What I see that is going to be the difference in him being a great player to me is the game, just understand the game, mentality, smartness, playbook. Understanding what offenses are trying to do to him. If he reaches that point, I think he'll be a great player."

(on linebackers coach Johnny Holland) "First off, he brings a reputation in their meeting room as a guy who has played. They all know that. He's a great person, good teacher, and very close to his players. I just think they're a close-knit group. I think those players respect the fact that he's been there before. And what he's asking them to do, he's done before and he battles for them. And, like I always tell you all, good coaches battle for their players, and that's what Johnny does."

(on the possibility of losing Holland to other jobs) "I thought I was going to lose him this offseason. I know how bad the Aggies wanted him and (Mike) Sherman wanted him. But I know that Johnny (Holland) likes the city of Houston and is excited about what we're doing and the guys that he's working with. And I'm lucky I didn't lose him. He's been a wanted man, and especially by A&M here this past offseason."

(on Holland possibly being in a higher coaching position in the NFL) "No doubt. I think he's definitely got the ability to do that. That job is a multi-tasking job and Johnny can do that; he's a very smart guy. So, I think he's going to get his opportunity."

(on WR Andre Johnson back on the field) "He's doing really well. His attitude is good and he's working extremely well. It's good for us that we can work him once a day and do what's best for him. He's the heart and soul of this team and that's the way he goes about his business."

(on if Johnson still impresses him) "No doubt. He's as hard a worker as there is and that's why he's such a good player. I see him getting better, too. He's really honed his skills as far as route running with (wide receivers coach) Larry (Kirksey) and what he wants to do. I think he's in a situation with a quarterback that he really has a great relationship with. They work together and they spend extra time, and that's the key to being great. There are a lot of good guys, but to be great you have to do a little more."

(on WR Andre Johnson's importance to the development of the young corners) "It's a big factor. You come from Eastern Kentucky (Antwaun Molden), you don't see many Andre Johnson's, so it's great for that kid to have to line up against him. And Fred (Bennett) and Andre, two big bodies going at it. And then they get the other aspects, too. You get a little guy like David (Anderson) working on them. I think our guys match up well and we get some good work out of them."

(night practice)
Head coach Gary Kubiak(on new Texans RB Mike Bell) "He got gassed. He looked a lot faster than everybody else to begin with, but he got tired very quick. We just got to get him going. It's an easy call for us because he understands what we're doing and he knows the system so he can walk out here and go today. He's got some talent. There is an opportunity for him as we get (running back) Chris (Brown) healthy. We'll just see how it goes."

(on the night practice with the fans) "I think it's good for the guys. We wake up tomorrow and we've been at it a week. It seems like we've been here three months. That's training camp. But it gives them a little juice and just something a little different. We appreciate them coming out and appreciate the players taking the time to spend some time with them."

(on any other receivers behind the five primary that are impressing him) "I think there are some kids that have a chance to push players. (Wide receiver) Tim Carter, if he's a returner that we think he might be, could really push for a job. The (wide receiver LeRon) McCoy kid, to be honest, he reminded me a little bit of (wide receiver) Kevin (Walter), a young Kevin. He's got to get better assignment wise and those types of things. The kid from Miami (WR Darnell Jenkins) has got tremendous speed. It's going to be tough. You never know how you're going to end up, whether you're going to go with five or four or six. Our first five are pretty darn good football players. If some of those kids end up making it then we're going to be better."

(on WR Jacoby Jones) "He looked good tonight. He's been off for a while. He looked explosive tonight moving around. So hopefully there are no setbacks. Hopefully, tomorrow he wakes up and still feels good."

(on C Chris White still being the backup center) "He's our backup center right now. But what we have to do is we've got to prepare that if we suit seven, who are those seven. So we're getting (G Mike) Brisiel some work at center because that could always be an option. Of course, (center Greg) Eslinger to me is really an improved player. So we'll see how it pans out but we have to prepare that way."

RB Mike Bell(on trying out for the Texans) "I was super nervous. It was like going back to the combine. You have to try to impress some people. You have guys watching and you just have to do your best. I just know the average NFL player's career is not that long, so I have to do the best that I can when I get my opportunities."

(on who told him he made the team) "They just called me into the office. I met with all the head personnel guys and they were just talking about how it went and stuff like that. I think they all told me pretty much at once."

(on the competition at running back) "Definitely, definitely. I came in here with attitude just like I did coming in as a rookie in Denver. Just grind from the bottom and I think I have a good chance because I know the offense just coming from Denver. So I think I have a good chance to come out there and compete."

(on how similar the offense is to Denver's) "It helps out a lot. It helps out a lot. It's not like going to a team where everything is different. This is pretty much identical, so I can jump in there. I can jump in the play and I'm ready to go for the most part. So I'm going to get in the playbook and just refresh because I haven't played running back in almost a year. So I'll refresh my skills. I'm excited. This is a great team and a great organization. I'm excited and it's a blessing just to be here."

(on how difficult it was to get cut from Denver) "It was tough. It was tough just because that was my first team and I built a big bond with the community and the town. Just the relationships with the coaches, it was just hard to leave. I had a good bond with all the coaches."

(on if he played fullback most of his second year) "Pretty much all my second year. Yeah, all of my second year. I didn't play but that's what I was on the depth chart is fullback."

(on if he had any injuries last year) "No. I had a concussion but I only missed a game for that."

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