Capers/Casserly on Hodgdon

GM Charley Casserly

(on offensive lineman Drew Hodgdon) "He is a player at a position that is difficult to find. He was the best player on our board. His assets are quickness and balance as a football player. He played against some top flight competition in the Pac 10, namely USC. He played well against a very high rated defensive lineman, to name just one opponent. Also, he played against another top rated first round defensive lineman of Northwestern, Luis Castillo, who went to the San Diego Chargers. So he is a player that has played against top flight competition. We think he fits in on what we are trying to do."

Head Coach Dom Capers

(on offensive lineman Drew Hodgdon) "One of the things we like about Drew is that we were able to watch him compete against top caliber players and we thought that he competed very well. He's a guy that has wrestling in his background. He was a wrestling champion that compiled an outstanding record in California. We think he's a tough, smart, motivated player and we will be excited to add him to the mix as an interior lineman. Adding a young guy that can come in and compete on the interior line will help us improve our football team. We like his ability, we like his intensity, and we like the fact that he has a wrestling background."

Capers:(on what position he will play for the Texans) "I think that he will have the opportunity to play both center and guard. He's played more center in college, but he can be a center and guard prospect."

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