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Capers' mini-camp quotes

(On his overall impression of the new players)
"I like what I see out of this group. When we met with them the first night, we talked about how there are a lot of players who want to be good and a lot of teams who want to be good but aren't really sure how to be good.

"It starts with not only having the athletic ability, but also having the right attitude. I like the attitude of this group. We've thrown a lot of things at them and they've worked extremely hard and done everything we've asked them to do. They know the purpose of this camp is to give them a foundation to come back in another week and go to work with our veterans because things will happen at a much faster pace at that point in time."

(On the mix of the 2004 roster) "I just know that every year we improve our depth. I think the competition has become keener every year for our team. You hope that's the case as your team improves. Your cuts always get a little bit tougher and it makes you better when you have competition and I think we'll have excellent competition on our football team."

(On what the coaches are looking for) "There's certain drills that guys can make plays in they stand out in and how quickly they pick up what you're asking them to do. Nothing good really happens by accident so there's a plan in everything that we do and it challenges these guys to tune in and understand the importance of all the detail. There's tremendous detail in order to become a fundamentally sound team so they start to get exposed to that, some quicker than others, so that's what you look for, how fast can they pick it up and bring it out on the field and use the technique that we're asking."

(On Toby Christensen) "He's made a couple of plays out here in the three practices we've had that jump out at you. He made a great catch yesterday in a one-on-one drill. You can see he's a competitor and when you come out here as a free agent, all you can do is do something that catches the coaches' attention and he's done that in a couple situations."

(On Jason Babin) "I like his attitude. I like his work ethic. I think he's a guy that's going to pick things up quickly. It's going to take patience now because he is switching positions but I think he has the capabilities of making that transition. He's a 260-pound guy that has good spring and a good athlete for a guy that size. When you watch him drop into coverage, it's not like you're watching a defensive end drop into coverage.

"Basically, his whole career, he's had his hand down and has been rushing that passer moving forward so I think he's much more comfortable doing that than he is going backwards and coming off of the ball and so that's normally the biggest transition so we're trying to work on that as much as we can.

(On Charlie Anderson and Raheem Orr) "I thought today in the pass-rush drill that I saw both of them have a good rush. Now maybe they rushed the passer five or six times but there was at least once for both of them that you saw some physical tools."

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