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Capers quotes

(on Wong and Greenwood)"Well, I really like what I see out of those two guys. First of all, they're real pros, they both know how to prepare, both are extremely hard working, they do a great job in the classroom and their both smart. I think they're both athletic tough guys. There's no question in my mind. I have a lot of confidence in those two guys and when it comes time to play, they will be totally prepared."

(on Reggie Swinton as a receiver and return) "Well, you're always looking for guys. The more they can do the more valuable they are to you. So, if Reggie can be our punt or kickoff return guy and factor in as a fourth receiver or a fifth receiver then you're getting great value because when it comes down to picking that 45 men game day roster the more guys can do the more their stocks go up."

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