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Capers quotes

(on if anyone has caught his eye or if its too early to tell) "It really is (too early). You're always comparing guys by position when you go in. But, I'm always reluctant to respond too quickly because some guys will flash, and then they'll kind of disappear. But, I think our guys have been here working. Some of the young guys, like Antwan Peek, have done some good things, like rushing the passer. But he has a lot of work to do on a lot of other things. I think our offensive line has been doing a good job. I like what I see out of them. I think that at running back, we're going to have excellent competition. You know, you've seen Jonathan Wells working at both running back and fullback; he's doing a good job in there. Morency seems to be picking things up quite well. Jerome Mathis has done well. At both of the night practices he's caught deep balls and looked good doing it."

(on performance of Tony Hollings) "He's looked the best to me that he's looked. I think Tony knows he's in a very competitive situation, so, it will be fun to watch our running backs as we go through the preseason. We have a lot of competition going on."

(on if Travis Johnson is catching up quickly) "It will be a work in progress with Travis, but, he's working hard at it. You know, he's a guy that likes to play the game. He brings some energy. We just have to continue to work with him in catching up."

(on his team's health) "I'm also reluctant to say much about it. We've been very fortunate to this point in time. You're always concerned on a night like tonight. We had a physical practice. We had 15 plays on the inside run, a lot of team plays, a lot of live pass rush. I've been pleased from that standpoint so far."

(on difference in first five practices this year compared to 2004) "I sense a little bit more maturity on our team. They know that it's important every time we come out here, we only have so many of these and we have to get better every time. You can tell in their approach. I think we're getting good leadership out of our vets. They're setting a high standard and I think they're challenging each other not to let down and to work up to that standard every time we're out here and to me that's a sign of a more mature team."

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